Budget €0: where to go and what to see in Budapest for free

Are you going to Budapest? We have some life hacks for you to help you save money on your trip. Find out where to go and what to see in Budapest for €0 in this material. July 12, 2022 1 3 min

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Free tours in Budapest/Free tours Budapest

First, let's remind you about free tours (free tours) – they are available in most cities in Europe and Budapest is no exception. Without a doubt, this is the best way to get to know the city from the inside. In no guidebook you will read what the local guides will tell you.

There are several types of excursions to choose from: classic, afternoon and walk through the Jewish quarter. See the tour schedule here, they usually start from Elisabeth square (Erzsébet tér).

In the “menu” – a brief digression into history , the opportunity to hear the opinion of the Hungarians themselves about certain historical events, an interesting company and an easy, relaxed atmosphere.

Budget &euro ;0: where to go and what to see in Budapest for free

Museums of Budapest

In Budapest, as in many other cities, some attractions can be viewed for free. As a rule, almost all museums in the Hungarian capital have free admission during national Hungarian holidays: March 15, August 20 and October 23. And the Ethnographic Museum also passes free of charge also on January 22, March 5 and 15, May 18, August 20, September 20-21 and October 23.

For a permanent exhibition in The Museum of Applied Arts can be visited free of charge on the third Saturday of the month for those who are under 26 years old, and two parents or close relatives accompanying children under 18.

Also for tourists under 26 years old in the last The Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences is open on Sunday of the month, and on every first Saturday of the month the Museum of Modern Artand the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport . The only museum that is always free this is Police History Museum.

Budget €0: where to go and what to see in Budapest for free

Budget €0: where to go and what to see in Budapest for free

Bridges in Budapest

Budapest is a cozy and beautiful capital of bridges. To see them in all their glory, arrange a fascinating tour.

You can start with the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the very first one that connected Buda and Pest. In the evening, with illumination, this landmark of Budapest looks especially impressive.

Another bridge – Elizabeth – was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. By design, it is a chain and at night it also shines spectacularly. On holidays, by the way, it is lit up in the colors of the national flag.

But the most unusual bridge in Budapest is Margate, the second oldest bridge in the city. It consists of three flights: two of them converge over the cape of the island of the same name at an angle of 150 degrees, and the third leads directly to the island, making it accessible for walking.

Budget €0: where to go and what to see in Budapest for free

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