5 good arguments in favor of choosing glamping for tourism in Russia

Glamping attracts guests of all professions and ages. Often on the guest lists you can see young groups of guys, and single freelancers, and elderly couples, and families with children, and newlyweds. The essence of this format is well reflected in the name: glamorous and camping, which literally means “glamorous camping”. There are several types of glamping camp houses. One of them is a futuristic geo-dome, which many of you have seen in photos on social networks. About what makes an increasing number of Russians choose to relax in in the “hotel in nature” format, experts from the manufacturer of geodome structures Fullerdome.

< h3> 1. Digital Detox

 5 good arguments in favor of choosing glamping for tourism in Russia

As a rule, constant interaction with gadgets at work and in everyday life increases the level of stress. Therefore, many voluntarily give up the use of technology in favor of outdoor recreation. At the same time, modern residents of large cities are not ready to completely abandon household amenities, preferring comfortable accommodation in buildings protected from adverse weather conditions to tents. If you have been hiking, you know very well how quickly the romance of evening gatherings around the fire evaporates, when the rain floods the tent, and the mosquito net saves from bloodsuckers exactly before its first opening.

2. An alternative to vacation

 5 good arguments in favor of choosing glamping for tourism in Russia

Glamping hotels are often located in the suburbs, so the trip does not take much time and does not require serious travel expenses. Often, due to the busy work schedule and the difference in vacation schedules, it is easier for a family to organize a weekend trip to nature than to plan a long trip. In addition, there are a number of objective economic reasons why many Russians cannot afford a vacation abroad. The alternative in the form of domestic tourism is quite symmetrical to the existing request: a good glamping park is not inferior to a hotel in terms of service level, and the equipment of rooms allows you to choose the required level of comfort for the personal needs of guests.


3. Vacation with children

 5 good arguments in favor of choosing glamping for tourism in Russia

Spending time outdoors with your kids is a great family activity. Getting to know nature in a glamping format smoothes out many of the safety and sanitation rough edges that come with a typical trip to the forest with tents. Glamping parks are equipped with leisure zones, safe approaches to water bodies and sanitary facilities — both children and adults can spend time with benefit and comfort. Parents are well aware of what a family vacation is. Comfort and Leisure are key factors when choosing a holiday destination. Accommodation, of course, will cost more than camping, but, you see, it is incorrect to compare the service and its absence in the financial plane. Indeed, in the case of ordinary camping, there is simply no service.

4. Romantic evening

 5 good arguments in favor of choosing glamping for tourism in Russia

Couples in love are perhaps the most frequent guests in glamping. And we're not just talking about newlyweds. Very adult couples often come. A beautiful sunset, a table for two for a candlelit dinner, a cool evening alone with nature – the formula for a perfect date. Many parks have a full kitchen with a hot shop and a bar with their own chef. Such restaurants function independently, so you can go not only for a few days, but also for one evening.

5 good arguments in favor of choosing glamping for tourism in Russia


As a rule, a photographer is often invited to such events to organize shooting in the love story genre. Well, of course, you can make an unexpected (or long-awaited) marriage proposal.

5. Geography

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Geocupolas withstand temperature fluctuations from -50 to +45 degrees. Even if your vacation does not coincide with the summer season, you can spend time in nature with all the comforts. The structures are waterproof and resistant to wind loads. In such a house always a comfortable temperature, and thanks to the panoramic windows you are guaranteed to have a good view. The geographical and landscape diversity of Russia allows you to spend time in the most beautiful corners of the country.

So far, the glamping market is only developing, but now you can go to hotels in Altai, the Far East, the south and north of the country, in Kaliningrad and Karelia. In fact, you are not limited in comfort and choice of region. If you work remotely, you can go on a trip at any time. Glamping tourism is more flexible and varied than staying at a hotel or camping.

5 good arguments in favor of choosing glamping for tourism in Russia

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Are there any downsides to glamping? There is, if this is not glamping, but a cramped row of houses knocked together in a hurry, disguised as it, without a hint of amenities and service. The point is that glamping is, in fact, a hotel in nature, a premium vacation where you can relax without worrying about noise from neighbors, problems with clean water, bathroom and so on.

Our advice: Pay attention to the quality of buildings and guest reviews.

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