COSTA CRUISES will go to the Maldives< /p>

COSTA CRUISES will go to the Maldives

Leading European cruise company Costa Cruises has announced cruises to the Maldives starting from November 2017.

Costa will offer cruise options for 3 nights and 7 nights.
Tourists can choose to cruise for three nights on the route from the Maldives to Colombo or from Cochin (India) to the Maldives. And also for 7 nights from Mumbai to the Maldives.

COSTA CRUISES put the ship COSTA neoClassica on this route.

This classic cruise ship has a total of 654 cabins, including the view from the cabins sea ​​views and suites with private balconies. A fully equipped casino, theatre, discotheque, banquet hall and large bar are designed to provide plenty of entertainment. Wellness center with an area of ​​1,300 sq. m. with a gym, treatment rooms, sauna and steam bath. The center also has an outdoor jogging track, four hot tubs and two swimming pools. For those who would like to go shopping, the cruise ship will offer a huge duty-free mall.

The choice of food and drinks is based on a colorful Italian menu, representing different regions of Italy and reflecting the rich and unrivaled level of Italy's culinary heritage.< /p>

COSTA CRUISES opens up more and more opportunities for us to combine the most interesting trips!

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