Almost free travel in Germany: how does the 9 euro travel pass work?

In Germany, from June 1, a 9-euro travel card began to operate, which allows unlimited use of certain types of transport for a month. The government decided on such a generous offer amid the fuel crisis to motivate people to use public transport more than private cars. July 15, 2022 0 2 min

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What modes of transport does the pass cover?

The pass is valid for travel on buses, subways, trains, trams and other modes of transport of the ÖPNV (Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr) network on city, suburban and intercity routes.

The offer is valid throughout the country, with an unlimited number of transfers. This is beneficial even if you plan to ride the subway 2-3 times – the cost of the ticket is beaten off literally in a day!

Note that the pass is valid only on ÖPNV routes within the country. If you plan to travel outside of Germany, then you can get to any border point using a travel card, and from there you can buy a ticket where you need to.

Which modes of transport are NOT valid for the travel card?

Attention:The pass does NOT cover travel on Intercity (IEC and IC), EuroCity (EC), Thalys and FlixTrain high-speed trains.

Where to buy a travel card?

You can buy a pass at vending machines at stations, at ticket offices, on the Deutsche Bahn (DB) website or in the DB Navigator app. The main thing is not to confuse a 9-euro travel card with a regular monthly pass, as such a mistake can be costly.

Here is the link to buy the pass on the DB website.

An important point!

You can buy a travel card only for the current month and it can be valid until its end. For example, if you buy a travel card on July 16, then it will be valid until July 31, and not until August 16. Therefore, the travel card for August can be bought from the beginning of August. The offer itself with 9-euro travel cards is valid only until September.

A personalized travel card, so carry a document confirming your identity with you, so that, if anything, you can show it to the controllers. If you got a travel card with empty first/surname fields, you need to enter this data there.

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