In Germany, many museums have become free for Ukrainians: where to go?

The German authorities have decided to express their support for Ukrainian refugees, even in the field of art. Now many museums of the country have become free for the citizens of Ukraine. Let's see where we can go now! July 20, 2022 0 1 min

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Now the Ukrainians, who are now in Germany because of the war, will be able to visit about 70 museums across the country absolutely free of charge. Many cultural institutions in Germany are marked with blue and yellow ribbons.

To visit the museum for free, you must show a Ukrainian passport or other identification document.

Where to go for free?

  • East Side Gallery
  • Archengold Observatory
  • Design Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Children's Labyrinth Museum
  • Prussian Garden Foundation Palaces
  • German Spy Museum
  • Anne Frank Center
  • Gallery Berlin
  • Deutsche Cinematheque
  • Museum of Communications
  • Museum of Puppet Theaters in Berlin

Also approx. 60 museums in Berlin free admission every first Sunday months for all visitors.

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