An unexpected reorientation to the domestic tourist market gave impetus to the development of prefabricated structures – a full-fledged geodome hotel, if desired, can be built in just a month. In 2022, the volatility of exchange rates and major changes in international flight routes became the decisive factors for the development of glamping. This contributed to an increase in demand in the domestic tourism market. As a result, the level of competition has increased, and this creates a productive environment for the development of local tourism.

Residents of large megapoles are increasingly interested in high-quality and modern recreation near the city, the vacation format has become more flexible and is readily replaced by weekends in nature or remote work not from home, but from a cozy modern room in the forest by the lake. This is convenient, especially if the schedule does not allow you to spend a day or two on the road. In this case, you can simply change your location and escape from the routine for the benefit of yourself and work.

How do you tell a real glamping from an expensive fake?

Traditionally, in the minds of most residents of the country, holidays in Russia are associated with Sochi and a high price tag. Although, we have enough beautiful landscapes in Karelia, in Altai, on Lake Baikal, in Primorye and even in Murmansk. It is thanks to the great geographical and landscape diversity of Russia that glamping, with its ability to be located in any area, fits well into the tourism business.

Each region has its own climatic features, so glamping should not only be attractive in appearance, but also have a reliable design. In the case of, for example, strong wind loads. Depending on the location and seasonality, summer or all-season glamping is built. All-season options are most often located in cold regions – I must say that there is active booking all year round. This is not surprising, because the same Urals or Altai are uniquely good in late autumn. -ot-dorogoj-poddelki-eda0cd1.jpg” alt=”How to distinguish a real glamping from an expensive fake?” />

Real glamping combines the level of comfort familiar to citizens, a wide choice of locations and bright leisure. For example, in one of the glamping sites in Altai, you can take a helicopter ride over the mountains. For owners, a hotel in nature is a profitable business format with high potential and attractiveness for customers.

Now the basis of the tourist offer is already existing objects like Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi, Sheregesh in Novosibirsk or Lake Yarovoy in Altai. However, it is glamping that is destined to fill the niche of a new format of recreation. In the near future, glamping parks will actively develop near large cities, and not only around existing facilities – good places have long been occupied, and opening nearby is unprofitable. Residents of large cities beyond the Urals are not ready to spend half of their holidays en route under the current logistical restrictions. In addition, the depth of booking tours has decreased to several days, which means that a decision on a trip is made two or three days before the trip, and not six months.

When planning a spontaneous vacation, the guest's field of vision is places with convenient transport accessibility and a good level of service.

How do you tell a real glamping from an expensive fake?

Before choosing a location for a new glamping, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the target audience and its requirements for recreation. How convenient is it to get to you, do you need to go only by your own car, or can a taxi bring guests? Perhaps it will be a glamping for 3-4 days not far from home, with the Internet. Or a cozy house for digital detox lovers away from the noise. If the territory allows, a full-fledged banquet hall for corporate events and family celebrations will not be superfluous. And what entertainment can be offered in the selected area? Perhaps fishing, horseback riding or rafting on the river. Understanding your guests and their requests, you can easily build your corporate concept with all the nuances and unique “chips”.

Glamping is a profitable business if the entrepreneur has conscientiously approached the choice of a contractor, materials and hiring staff. I don’t want to talk about obvious things, but a negative customer experience will quickly turn into losses, so calculate the budget and approach the development with a cool head, calculate your strength soberly. Good glamping requires investment and readiness for a payback period. However, like any other business.

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