Deposits at UAE hotels are not are required

Deposits in UAE hotels are not obligatory

Clients have the right to refuse the deposit upon check-in.
phone calls from the room; you will have to pay bills for additional meals and other services at the hotel immediately, and not at check-in or at the end of the stay.
The deposit amount is usually blocked on the client's credit card or accepted in cash. The deposit is returned to clients after check-out minus the cost of services used by clients during their stay at the hotel. In the case of a cash deposit, the unused part is returned in UAE dirhams, in case of a deposit by blocking the amount on a credit card, the unused part must be, at the request of the hotel to the bank, unblocked in a few days, but in practice you have to wait until the payment system itself unblocks the & # 171; frozen & #187; amount (up to 30 days after blocking).

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