Secrets of perfect vacation photos< /p>

Good photos are not an accident at all, but a set of rules that are effective not only for those who have an impeccable appearance. In the midst of holidays, I especially want to take such photos from which everyone would be delighted. We bring to your attention several ways to increase your own photogenicity, as well as new good angles for shooting.

Our tips will help you take good photos even with a regular smartphone!

— Posing while sitting in a swimsuit (male version – in swimming trunks) should be half-turned to the photographer. The lower body can be turned towards the camera, and the body can be turned to the side (and vice versa). Women should also put one foot slightly in front of the other and stretch the toe of the foot towards the camera, this will visually make the legs longer.

Secrets of perfect vacation photos

Many people want to take pictures on the beach, lying in the waves of the surf or in a sun lounger. In this case, it is best to bend the legs so that in the picture the body does not turn out to be flat, devoid of volume. It will also make your lower body look slimmer.

Secrets of perfect vacation photos

Many, without noticing it, stoop in the photo. Well, you have to straighten your shoulders at least for vacation shots. To do this, you can imagine that you are trying to hold an object between your shoulder blades (for example, a ball).

Secrets of perfect vacation photos

A big problem with many vacation photos is that the posing is overweight. Of course, you can’t hide it in your pocket, but you can do something.

A double chin worked up during the winter months in the pictures can be hidden by posing with your head held high. This angle will make the neck longer (or at least indicate its presence) and, in general, will give a more confident look.

You should not lie heavily, as if pressed against the surface, and also stand completely straight – this will not too flat belly even more bulging. It's best to arch your back a little at the waist.

Secrets of perfect vacation photos

Greetings from the beach

The southern sun is merciless to the shortcomings of the face, but you can try to turn its brightness to your advantage. Make sure that the light hits the face directly when shooting, and not from the side or back, this way the rays will naturally hide skin imperfections.

Nasolabial folds are another aesthetic problem that is easy to hide in the pictures. It is worth trying to breathe not with your nose, but with your mouth when shooting – this will relax the muscles and allow you to smooth out the nasolabial folds.

Secrets of perfect vacation photos

Men's tricks

It is not considered appropriate for a man to worry about such trifles as “to look good in pictures.” But it can be unpleasant for the representatives of the stronger sex to see themselves in holiday photo reports in an awkward way.

Secrets of perfect vacation photos

The main advice – do not lie on the beach with a log belly up, it is better to roll over on your stomach and straighten your shoulders – this way the look will be more courageous, and the photo will be more expressive.

Who wants to take care of their hair while on vacation? That's it, that's why intricate whirlwinds, spontaneous mohawks and bald patches provoked by an insidious breeze so often appear in the photographs. In this case, our role model is David Beckham, whose hair is rumored to be thinning a bit. On this occasion, the football player got himself a whole collection of stylish hats, and now he is not afraid of sudden meetings with the paparazzi. It's best to stock up on baseball caps, caps, panamas, or fedoras for vacation photo shoots if, like Beckham, you're unsure about your head hair.

Secrets of perfect vacation photos

The importance of being casual

Perhaps the simplest yet most effective piece of advice given by all the experts is to remember to smile for photos, as beachwear obviously goes better with a happy face than a serious one. , and a frown can cross out all the life hacks mentioned in the article.

Secrets of perfect vacation photos

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