💭 "It's not about me! I can't go on a trip, how will I communicate there?"

Guys, we know English from Banana to Thanks. With the same "rich" English vocabulary, hundreds more people travel.

Difficulties with Russian languages ​​while traveling are not so difficult

Firstly, in many countries, the local population does not know English at all.
Secondly, it is not possible to learn all the languages ​​of the world.
Thirdly, you always have a personal translator in your pocket that can do this even offline.

Lack of knowledge of the language SHOULD NOT BE A OBSTACLE on the way to your travels ❣️

The Vietnamese don't like America because of their military history. And even more so, not fans of learning English. He is known there, at most, in decent establishments. You are more likely to be welcomed there and understood in Russian.
▫️How then to understand and explain something?
We have never encountered people who cannot read and will not be able to understand the text in the phone translator.
* you need to know a few features of the program for an accurate and understandable translation.

Many Khmers know English at the level of our knowledge 🙈 through joint efforts, tension of brain neurons and battery charge on gadgets, we come to understand.

Do not forget that the environment of the language environment really affects language learning! Who would have thought that we would someday learn Vietnamese 🤓

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