Your training form and the foundation for a powerful start in self-development is an understanding of the law "THE IS IN ME"

⠀It is after its full awareness and application in your life that you will be able to look at the world through the eyes of a completely different person, more wise and confident.

A great start to advertise the course 😂 No, no, you don’t need to transfer money anywhere and join any clubs either. Everything is much simpler…

The key to understanding yourself, money energy and self-development

▫️You need to stop blaming and blame everything around you except yourself. No matter what happens to you, it's all your fault, only you! Yes, that's right!

Wait, it's too early to think that I'm writing nonsense and it doesn't work:
💭 After all, yesterday you were late because of a traffic jam, and a stupid driver poured water from a puddle . Oh, and a loved one offended because of his bad mood.

But the reality is quite different:

💭 You were late because you miscalculated the time. And it’s not the driver’s fault at all, but the route that you chose yourself. And with a loved one, a completely stupid situation came out because of your wrong perception.
Do you understand what I mean? In every situation that happens to us at any moment of life, only we ourselves are to blame. Any situation can be changed or prevented if you know and remember about it. As soon as you start thinking that the environment is to blame for everything, your subconscious mind immediately stops trying to change and fix everything.

▫️Consider the latest situations in your life and find their solution. After all, now you know that everything happened in what happened THIS IS IN YOU

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