15 new cities will appear in Poland

On July 26, the Polish government adopted a resolution according to which, from January 1, 2023, changes will be made to the map of Poland – 15 new cities will officially appear. July 28, 2022 0 1 min

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True, we are talking about assigning the status of a city to individual settlements.

According to the document, from January 1, 2023, 15 settlements will receive the status of a city:

  • four cities each in the Mazowieckie and Lodz voivodships: Bodzanów, Liatowicz, Jastrzemb, Yadov;, Dombrowice, Ezhow, Ujazd, Rozpsha;
  • two – in Lesser Poland and Swietokrzyski: Menkinya and Lopuszno;
  • and one each in the Greater Poland, Silesian and Lower Silesian voivodeships: Włodowice, Miastechko-Krajensk, Książ-Wielki, Czarny-Dunajec.

Also, from next year, the Polish government will increase the borders of some cities and gminas.

According to in-poland.com.

We also remind you that people from the South who moved to Poland because of the war in Ukraine and at the same time work remotely may not pay taxes in favor of this country. Instead, they can pay taxes in Ukraine.

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