In the Czech Republic, Ukrainian refugees lost their right to free medical insurance

On July 25, many of the Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the Czech Republic ended their right to medical insurance, which was previously paid by the state by default. We are talking about those who have already expired 150 days from the date of receipt of temporary protection. 27 July 2022 0 1 min

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The Czech Republic automatically insured arrived refugees, but after this period, Ukrainians aged 18 to 65 are required to report who will pay for the policy after July 25.

“They must notify the insurance company with which they were registered on a special website within eight days after the expiration of the previous payment of the policy”, reports Radio Prague International.

The change will affect about 215,000 refugees insured by the largest company in the country, the General Health Insurance Company (VZP).

At the same time, according to non-profit organizations, many refugees do not have this information. Previously, it was assumed that the state would automatically pay for health insurance for refugees for one year, but parliament eventually reduced this period to 150 days.

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