Special tourism destination

Land of a thousand lakes, land of forests and lakes, the land of lakes and rivers… The uniqueness of Karelia is that several natural and historical phenomena collected in one place at once make it a special tourist destination.

1. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls. While walking through the local forests, you will come across many amazingly beautiful reservoirs and waterfalls. Moreover, many wild animals live in the Karelian forests, which can be seen in areas remote from tourist bases. And if you wish, you can go hunting or fishing with an instructor.

2. Abundance of historical monuments. Many have heard about this region of Russia and its ancient artifacts. Karelia is one of the few where the culture, traditions and sights of ancient architecture have been preserved. And since there are many such objects here, you will find a large selection of excursions to very interesting and unusual places.

3. Ecology. Karelia is a region with ideal ecology. There is no city fuss and noise, and there is also no smog that bothers the residents of megacities. Clean forest air, clear lakes suitable for swimming, the aroma of pine needles, local herbs and flowers, healing silence – all this will help get rid of accumulated fatigue and stress.

If you do not have time to visit Karelia in the summer months, it does not matter. We recommend that you consider winter holidays in this region as an alternative to the mountain clusters of southern Russia. In the cold season, local ski resorts open their doors to tourists. Well-prepared trails for skiing and snowboarding are waiting for you, as well as virgin forest, where you can ride a sled in a dog sled with the breeze.

Recreation is not a hindrance to business!

Going on vacation, business people always strive to choose a resort from where they can manage business processes: control the state of bank accounts, conduct transactions by responsible employees, and so on. It is clear that businessmen cannot leave their business unattended even for a couple of days. Because of this, by the way, many vacation plans are frustrated. -v-karelii-kraju-tysjachi-ozer-eaedb27.jpg” alt=””Special”: what is the beauty of a holiday in Karelia, the land of a thousand lakes?” />

Fortunately, modern managers have come up with a convenient and constructive solution that does not require capital investments and deep knowledge of information technology. If you open an account for an LLC online in Tinkoff Bank in advance, the entire business will be under complete control through an intuitive application on your phone. And you will continue to relax at any Karelian resort where you have access to the Internet, enjoy the fresh air, dishes from natural products, communicate with family and friends. And finally, get rid of stress, because everything is under control!

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