В Ukraine can resume the work of the airport for passenger traffic

We are talking about the airport “Uzhgorod”. It is reported that the Transcarpathian Regional Council has already allocated 26 million hryvnia for work at the airport. They hope that in 1-2 months a passenger service will be launched from it. July 31, 2022 0 1 min

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The operation of the airport will be possible due to the fact that its runway starts from Slovakia and ends in Slovakia.

“The take-off aircraft enters the sky of the European Union, and not the sky of Ukraine, which is closed today. Therefore, I am sure that in a month or two our Ukrainian airlines, based today in Europe, will fly in the direction of Vienna, in the direction, if necessary, of Prague, Munich,”, – clarified the head of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Volodymyr Chubirko.< /p>

According to the head of the regional council, today this is the only airport that can operate for passenger traffic.

Source: wing.com.ua

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