Free travel in Europe: where else are benefits for Ukrainians?

With the onset of summer, many European countries have canceled the possibility of free travel for Ukrainians. However, preferential conditions are still preserved in a number of countries – we will now discuss them in more detail. 03 August 2022 0 4 min

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In Austria, Ukrainians can use Vienna's Wiener Linien public transport for free until the end of September. For trips around the country, you can issue a “Not-Ticket Ukraine” ticket – it gives you the opportunity to travel on ÖBB trains for free. You can pick up your ticket directly on the train or at the ÖBB ticket office at the train stations. It is valid for two days, and after it needs to be issued again.


In Belgium, free travel on SNCB trains is available only on the day of arrival. You will need a passport, ID-card or other proof of identity for reduced fares. For further free travel around the country, contact the Refugee Registration Office, where you will be issued a Fedasil Bulk Ticket.


Free travel will be available in Bulgaria until October. In addition, Ukrainians can use free tickets under the “HELP UKRAINE” program to travel along the routes of the Bulgarian railway and the Romanian railway operator CFR Călători.


In Hungary, Ukrainians can ride the MÁV-START and GYSEV trains for free with Solidarity tickets. The ticket must be obtained at the box office before the trip or from the conductor on the train. Please note that tickets are valid only for 2nd class trains, on a specific route and within the time period indicated on them.

In order to receive free tickets, in most cases you need to provide a document confirming the Ukrainian citizenship – passport, ID-card or international passport. A document confirming temporary protection is also often required.


Free travel has been canceled, but until the end of summer there is a discounted ticket for 9 euros that is valid for almost all modes of transport of the ÖPNV network throughout the country (except for high-speed trains Intercity (IEC and IC), EuroCity (EC), Thalys and FlixTrain). Read more about it in this article.


Here you can use the free ride once, upon arrival. The offer is valid for travel by Iarnród Éireann railway or Bus Éireann buses. To travel, you will need a Ukrainian passport, confirmation of arrival in Ireland within the last 7 days and confirmation from a registered charity that helps Ukrainian refugees.


In Italy, you can ride Trenitalia trains for free in within the first 5 days of arrival. Relevant for intercity and regional routes.


In Vilnius, Ukrainians can use public transport for free with an identity document.


All public transport in Luxembourg is free.


You can use a free day pass for movement, valid for 24 hours. You can get it at the ticket office at the train station or at the NS carrier ticket office at the railway stations.

Free travel in Europe: where else are benefits for Ukrainians?

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In Poland, free travel is available only in some cities, namely:

  • Szczecin – free public transport is available until September 30;
  • Torun – you can get a monthly pass marked UKR;
  • Poznan – for 1 zloty you can buy a social pass for 30 days. To do this, you need to get a PEKA Poznan electronic agglomeration card.


Ukrainians have free travel on interregional, regional and city trains Celta and Intercidades (Comboios de Portugal).


Free travel on ZSSK trains (except Intercity trains). The travel card can be obtained at the box office or on the train, if you present a document confirming the citizenship of Ukraine. A free ticket can be used on the day of its receipt and the next 4 days, from the date of receipt of a personal document SLOVAK HELP or a document confirming the status of temporary asylum.


Here, Ukrainians can get one free ride on SNCF trains within France and other countries. To do this, you need to go to the ticket office at the station and present one of the following documents:

  • Ukrainian passport or other identity card;
  • German train ticket Deutsche Bahn ” HELP UKRAINE”;
  • a valid residence permit in Ukraine (if you are not a citizen of Ukraine);
  • Ukrainian card of a foreign resident in Ukraine.


In Croatia, free travel is available on all domestic railway routes in Croatia in the 2nd class of trains with the carrier HŽ Putnički.

Czech Republic

Ukrainians can count on free public transport in Prague only for the first 5 days upon arrival. For further trips, you must purchase a concessionary pass. A monthly pass will cost 165 kroons (UAH 253), for a quarter – 444 kroons (UAH 682).


Free travel is available to Ukrainians in public transport in Stockholm. To receive a ticket, present an identity document at the box office or the driver.

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