ANEX Tour offered tours to Thailand from six Russian cities

The tour operator ANEX Tour has decided to expand the geography of its offers in Thailand. Now package tours to the kingdom are available not only to residents of Moscow, but also to tourists from five other regions of Russia. Ural travel agents are already saying that demand will be good.


The tour operator ANEX Tour, which had a strong position in Thailand before the pandemic and sent tourists to the resorts of the kingdom from more than 15 Russian regions, told Vestnik ATOR on August 8 about expanding its offers for Thailand.

The decision is especially relevant on the eve of the winter season, against the backdrop of the upcoming resumption of direct flights and loyal conditions for entering the kingdom.

The tour operator has formed, calculated and put into the booking system package tours to Thailand from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Krasnoyarsk. Moreover, the range of Thai resorts available for recreation has been expanded, ANEX Tour reported.

The decision to make holidays in Thailand accessible to tourists from the regions in ANEX Tour was explained by the traditionally high demand for holidays in the kingdom not only from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also from tourists from the Urals, Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts of Russia (there are no flights from the Far East yet , but in the plans).

“The restrictions imposed by Thailand in connection with the pandemic have put organized tourism on a forced pause. But as soon as the possibility of traveling to Thailand, even with an unusual connecting flight, appeared, demand immediately began to grow. During the summer months, bookings of only hotels and a package with connecting flights were in equal shares, but the average duration of arrivals increased. Previously, it was within 9-11 nights, now it is already 14-17 nights. At first we offered GDS tours only from Moscow. And in early August, GDS tours from five more regions of Russia were calculated,” the press service of ANEX Tour said.

In the search for tours, package options with connecting flights, as well as tours with direct flights, are already available Aeroflot Airlines from Moscow to Phuket.

From regional cities, a connecting flight is carried out, including with a connection in Moscow. In addition to tours on regular flights, the site offers ground services in Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok and Koh Samui.

“Group transfers are not included in packages on regular flights, the cost of an individual transfer must be requested under a specific application, since the price range is different and depends on the accommodation facility,” ANEX Tour clarified.

How much do tours to THAILAND FROM MOSCOW COST

With a departure from Moscow, Thai tours to Koh Samui, Phuket, Bangkok, as well as a combined tour “Bangkok (2 nights) + Pattaya” are available to tourists.

You can buy a tour with a flight to Phuket from Moscow for at least 166 thousand rubles for 11 nights for two (accommodation in a 3* hotel on the basis of breakfast). This price is indicated for connecting flights.

Aeroflot direct flight is more expensive: from 245 thousand rubles. for 12 nights in a 3* hotel without meals.


Residents of Yekaterinburg will be able to relax in Thailand (Pattaya) for 190 thousand rubles. for two. The duration of the tour is 18 nights. Tours to Phuket are also available for tourists.

Olga Turitsyna, director of the Stranoved travel agency from Yekaterinburg, called the news about the appearance of tours to Thailand with a departure from Yekaterinburg in the ANEX Tour assortment wonderful.< /p>

“We have a very high demand for winter exotic destinations. But there is a shortage of offers. It is clear that the Maldives alone will not cope with increased demand. And therefore, of course, tourists will certainly take advantage of the opportunity to relax in Thailand. I think the demand will be very, very good. Taking this opportunity, I want to tell ANEX Tour that tourists are looking forward to the Dominican Republic. We are already ready to book tours,” said Ms. Turitsyna.


Tourists from St. Petersburg have access to Thailand (minimum ) for 248 thousand rubles. for two for 11 nights in Pattaya. You can also relax in Phuket.

Recreation in Pattaya for residents of Novosibirsk is available at a price of 307 thousand rubles. for two for 11 nights. There are also vacation options in Phuket.

Tourists from Kazan can only rest in Phuket. You can relax there for 415 thousand rubles. for two for 13 nights. Accommodation in a 3* hotel with breakfast.

Tourists from Krasnoyarsk ANEX Tour offers to relax in Phuket, the minimum cost of tour packages for 8 nights at the time of the late evening of August 8 was reflected on the website as 793 thousand rubles.

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