Where to go on vacation in August, where it's not too hot?

August is the month of holidays and vacations, and, of course, you want to spend it somewhere on the beach by the sea, choosing one of the Russian or foreign resorts. That's just the established extreme heat in many tourist places can ruin everything. Read below to find out which destinations are best suited for holidays this August 2022.


Where to go for a vacation in August, where it's not too hot?

An option for those who want to relax in comfort in a southern resort, but do not want to leave the country. The August weather on the peninsula is ideal for a beach holiday. In August, the water finally warmed up to quite comfortable +20 – +25°C, so not only adults, but also children can fully enjoy swimming in the sea.

And this month is also ideal for boat trips along the Black Sea and walking tours of local attractions. And there are more of them in Crimea than you can imagine.


Where to go on vacation in August, where it's not too hot?

In August, the country welcomes tourists with warm sea and pleasant summer heat. The air in Antalya and other popular resorts warms up to +35°C. Due to the low level of humidity, the heat in this region is easily tolerated. What else do we need, the inhabitants of the country, in which “winter is half a year”!

In Istanbul in August it is not as hot as in the southern regions. Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of this unique city in all respects, go on excursions or just wander around the center, drop by a local cafe for a glass of tea, and in the evening, be sure to dine in a restaurant with stunning views of the Bosphorus.


Where to go vacation in August, where it's not too hot?

If you decide to go to Tunisia in August, opt for resorts on the Mediterranean coast. The fact is that at this time the heat in the country reaches its peak: plus 50 ° C, and this is not the limit. So, with excursions it is necessary to wait a little. But a beach holiday in Sousse or Hammamet in August is what you need.

Excursion tours are very well combined with thalassotherapy. Tunisia is famous for its SPA complexes, they are available in almost every serious hotel. Therefore, guests will have a great opportunity to take a break from the routine not only on the sandy beach, but also in the relaxing atmosphere of a hammam, gommage or body wrap.


Where to go vacation in August, where it's not too hot?

Demand for tours to Greece in August is traditionally very high. Therefore, it is usually necessary to book hotel rooms and book tickets in advance. This year, getting to Greece from Russia is possible only with transfers, for example, in Istanbul, Yerevan, Belgrade or Dubai. However, it is most comfortable to relax in August in the Greek resorts of Rhodes, Corfu and Crete. There is no exhausting stuffiness here, as on the mainland coast of the country. The air temperature can range from +26°C to +33°C. The spread is quite large, so be sure to check the weather conditions of your resort with the travel agency manager. v-avguste-gde-ne-slishkom-zharko-55869d3.jpg” alt=”Where to go on vacation in August, where it's not too hot?” />

According to statistics, officials, bankers, company executives and businessmen go on vacation in August. On the one hand, they can afford to rest during the high season, on the other hand, today they have all the tools for remote control over the financial activities of the company in their absence. If you are an entrepreneur and deal with foreign exchange transactions, this is no reason to deny yourself a trip to the sea and a good rest. Simplify transactions with the currency control service from Tinkoff Bank as much as possible and keep all processes under your full control! Have a good holiday and pleasant unforgettable impressions!

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