Greece — a country washed by three seas and offering excellent conditions for relaxing on luxurious beaches. However, besides seaside holidays, Greece has something else to please tourists in various locations and at any time of the year. And the main thing for travelers is to understand what exactly their Greek vacation should be like. A clearly formulated request will help you figure out when to fly to Greece. Before making a decision, you should listen to the recommendations of travel experts “Come with us”.

Ideal vacation: when is the best time to fly to Greece?

Youth holidays: beach relaxation

Tourists of all ages like Greece. Young people come here with pleasure to swim in the sea, attend grandiose parties in clubs and get acquainted with local attractions. 

When is the best time to fly to Greece with a cheerful youth company? The best time for a beach vacation — period from June to mid-September. Peak season is July-August. At this time, the hotels are as full as possible, but there is always the opportunity to “hunt” for inexpensive last-minute tours.

The most popular Greek resorts among young people are:

  • Glyfada — a city located near Athens, on the shores of the Gulf. Coastal areas are full of restaurants and authentic taverns. There are also nightclubs, open-air discos and bars. In Glyfada, a beach holiday is perfectly combined with shopping in malls and boutiques of famous brands.
  • Mykonos— the busiest island in Greece. During the day, young people spend time on the beaches and in water parks, and from the onset of the evening until the morning they relax in lounge bars and disco clubs. The resort has a nudist beach. Mykonos — rather expensive resort. However, the cost of living in hotels largely depends on the season. If you pay attention to the prices of tours by months, the peak falls on July and August. And you can have a cheap vacation in May or September. 
  • Crete— an island of choice for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to the bright sun, clear sea and incendiary parties, tourists get the opportunity to do various water sports. Chania and Malia are considered the island's most youthful resorts.

Most often, young people are interested not only in the question of when it is better to fly on vacation to Greece, but also where you can spend a vacation inexpensively. The top budget resorts are Sithonia on the Chalkidiki peninsula, as well as Hersonissos and Rethymnon in Crete.

Quiet vacation: a trip to the islands

Another popular holiday format — secluded. To do this, it is better to go to one of the islands. For example, take a look at Corfu. Endless olive groves and forests, picturesque mountains, cozy bays and sandy and pebbly beaches of Corfu are conducive to a leisurely, relaxing holiday. In this case, when it is better to fly to Greece to relax at sea, we can recommend the period from June to early October. 

Another way to find peace of mind — go to Athos. Ancient Orthodox monasteries and temples are concentrated in the protected area, located on the Aion Oros peninsula. The trip will be remembered not only by pilgrims, but also by those who are interested in ancient history and architecture.

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