Autumn, winter, spring : St. Petersburg has something to offer

The tour operator “Nevsky Seasons” is pleased to present more than 25 excursion programs in St. Petersburg and Vyborg for the low tourist season.

The most important thing about tours in 5 points:

  • Tours lasting from 2 to 10 days;
  • Rides every day;
  • Classic excursion programs and tours for those who are not in St. Petersburg for the first time;
  • A large selection of hotels. 14 accommodation options in the historic center of the city to choose from: apart-hotels, hotels 3 *, 4 *; -3 tours to St. Petersburg:


    Tour “Weekend in St. Petersburg”, 2 days

    Arrivals every Sat from October 22, 2022 to April 22, 2023

    A great opportunity to spend a weekend in St. Petersburg. In the excursion program we included the main suburb of St. Petersburg – Tsarskoe Selo – and the most popular museum of the city – the Hermitage.

    Attractions on the tour:2 thematic bus tours Catherine Palace and the Amber Room, Hermitage.

    Cost from 6 150₽


    Tour “Vacation in St. Petersburg”, from 2 to 7 days

    Tour dates for autumn break: 28.10-06.11.22for winter break: 03.01-08.01.23 for spring break: 25.03-02.04.23 p>

    Tour for parents with children during school holidays. The excursion program will introduce you to the city in a simple and exciting way.

    Sights on the tour:Tsarskoe Selo and Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, Kronstadt, Naval Cathedral, Park “Island of Forts”, Model Museum of Forts of Kronstadt, Model Museum “Peter's Water Area”, Zoological Museum, Dr. Pel's Pharmacy, Alexandria Park, Palace Cottage.

    Cost from 5 650₽


    Petersburg Collection Tour , from 2 to 7 days

    Arrivals every day from 17.10 to 29.12.22 and from 13.01 to 23.04.23

    A classic tour to St. Petersburg, suitable for exploring the city. The excursion program on the tour adapts to the tourist – he independently chooses from which day to start the tour. Excursions are not tied to a specific date, but depend on the day of the week.

    Attractions on the tour: The Great Peterhof Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Tsarskoye Selo : Catherine Palace, Hermitage, Faberge Museum, Cathedral of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, Smolensk Cemetery, Chapel of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, Kronstadt: Naval Cathedral, Kronstadt Forts Model Museum, Fort Island Park.

    Price from 6350₽


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