Free Czech courses language for Ukrainians: how to sign up?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic has launched a free online course for learning the Czech language – “První pomoc v češtině” (“First Aid in the Czech language”). With it, you can independently learn Czech at a basic level in an online format. 19 August 2022 0 1 min

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Course available online.

Students receive a 65-page workbook with tasks that resonate with everyday situations in their Czech realities.All tasks are duplicated in Ukrainian, and audio files are added.This format will help not only hear the correct pronunciation different words and phrases, but it is also better to perceive a foreign language by ear.Recordings can be downloaded or listened to directly on the site.

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We also recall that the European Commissioner EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said that according to European rules For us, children whose families have received temporary protection in one of the EU countries must go to a school in their place of residence.

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