What could be better than spending a week or two in a comfortable hotel in a hospitable resort? But how can you save money on buying a ticket? After all, you still want to leave money for excursions, shopping, entertainment and other pleasant little things! 

There are real ways to pay less than expected for a quality vacation. Travel experts «Come with us Kazakhstan» reveal the secrets of how and where to find cheap tours. 

What tours are cheap

There are two main types of vouchers with discounts from 10 to 50%. These are:

  • early booking tours (it is supposed to purchase a tour 3-10 months before the start date of the holiday);
  • last minute tours with the nearest departure date (up to 10 days). Sometimes the tour can even start the next day. 

For each of these types, we offer recommendations on how to find and select the ideal option at a super price.

​​ How to find the cheapest vacation tours? TOP 10 tips

The sooner the better: TOP 5 tips on how to book a tour cheaply

So, how to find cheap early booking tours? 

Tip #1Look for offers of tours on the site “Come with us” 8-10 months before the intended trip. That is, if you are planning a vacation for August, then start monitoring options as early as January of the year that has begun. So the earlier you book your holiday, the cheaper it will cost you.

Tip #2 Prices for tours usually go off scale during certain periods, for example, on New Year's Eve or in July-August. Therefore, if you want to go on vacation on such dates, early booking will come in handy. Tour operators, hotel chains and air carriers are interested in selling their services before the start of the season in order to plan the budget. What is beneficial for them solely from an accounting point of view, for you — a way to save money. 

Tip #3 When wondering how to find a cheap tour, keep in mind that exchange rates rise closer to the summer holiday season. Track price fluctuations related to this circumstance. So, when planning a vacation for the summer, it is best to buy a ticket in the winter to save 10% to 30% of the final price.

Tip #4 Be sure to check the terms of payment (in parts or not), cancellation of the tour and making changes to the reservation before booking. This is very important, because your plans can change significantly in a few months. 

Tip #5 Please note that the most popular summer destinations for early booking from October to March are: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Croatia, Spain, Tunisia, Italy, Bulgaria. The cheapest tours to Egypt can be booked 1 month or more in advance of your vacation at any time of the year. And from July to November, discounts of up to 50% are available for vacations in exotic countries such as Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Thailand.

​​How to find the cheapest vacation tours? TOP 10 tips


Last minute deals: discounts for those who are easy going

If if you are interested in how and where it is cheapest to find last-minute tours, then our TOP-5 tips are especially for you:

Tip #1 Use the search on the “Come with us” website. In the section “Hot tours” there is always a huge number of interesting offers and great discounts on packaged beach, sightseeing and ski tours.

Tip #2 Last minute deals are relevant for popular resort countries, such as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Dominican Republic and just in the high season. Keep this in mind if your goal is — a trip to one of the listed destinations.

Tip #3 Pay attention to the hotel, which is offered on a last-minute tour. Read about it in the “Hotels” section. site Poehalisnami.kz, where all the features, advantages and disadvantages of each hotel complex are described in detail. Perhaps this resort has even more generous discounts than they offer you.

Tip #4 If the tour is refused, ask if you will need to pay extra for reissuing documents.

Tip #5 If you have any doubts about the benefits of a last-minute tour, contact a “Come with us” consultant. through the callback form or chat on the site, because we are always ready to help!

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