Tour operators working in the South Korean direction do not exclude that by the spring of 2023 the country may lift the remaining entry restrictions, returning conditions to pre-pandemic. Holidays in spring Korea are always a good idea. At this time there is a real explosion of colors and emotions. We will tell you about the best places and dates for admiring the cherry blossoms, forsythia and azaleas.


Each country has its own time of power, a period in which it is especially inimitable. In South Korea, it's spring. In fact, autumn also occupies a special place in the memories of tourists who have seen it. But today is about spring.

Korean spring is a lover of unusual colors and bright mixes. In spring shades – from white-lilac to bright yellow – Korea looks simply stunning. The country owes its spring beauty to the flowering of plants such as cherry, forsythia and azalea. Thousands of locals go to the parks, go to the mountains to be inspired by these magical views.

Of course, all these magical places are also available to tourists. Together with the National Tourism Organization of Korea (KOTK), we have compiled a list of places where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of blooming spring in Korea.


Forsythia, a wild-growing plant whose buds open instantly like popcorn kernels and delight with their bright yellow color, can be observed in various locations throughout the country. You just need to know what time and where to look for this romantic sight.

This year, forsythia blossoms could be observed in Seoul on March 22, in Busan on March 15, in Pohang on March 13, in Daegu on March 16 March 27th in Incheon and March 16th in Jeonju. Next year, the landmarks are about the same.


In Korea, such a significant spring event as the flowering of forsythia is even dedicated to a festival. It takes place in the only place in the country – in the Eunbongsan Mountains in Seoul.

The Eunbongsan Mountains in Seoul (: Seongdong-gu Metropolitan District Office). Photo courtesy of NOTK

The location for the festival was chosen by the forsythia itself, wrapping the slopes of the mountains like a yellow veil. The most enchanting views of the sunny-colored flower field are from the Seoul Forest, located opposite the Eunbongsan Mountains. From there, you can see mountains shining with a warming color as if in the palm of your hand. You look at them and understand that everything you thought and knew before about emotions is complete nonsense.


Color therapy, which, by the way, is a recognized way of dealing with stress (yellow is the color of joy), in Korea you can and should go in the city of Incheon. Go to forest them. Heideggerat Inha University, named after the German philosopher Martin Heidegger.

Korea's Spring Look: The Best Bloomers

Inha University of Incheon. Photo courtesy of NOTK

This place has gained popularity among both students and locals due to the fact that it offers its guests maximum spring colors.

Unlike other university campuses famous for their lush cherry blossoms, Inha University can be inspired by the perfection of a variety of spring flowers, including the extravagant forsythia, of course. Flowering trees grow around Ingyongho Lake and in the forest. Heidegger.


If you drive a little over 100 km from Seoul and Incheon, to Cheongju city, you can see another amazing place to admire the flowers. You need Musimcheon Stream.

Spring image of Korea: the country's best blooming locations

Musimcheon Stream in Cheongju. Photo courtesy of NOTK

There, in the park, every spring the grass turns green, cherry and forsythia bloom. All together they give locals and tourists a good mood, delighting their admiring glances with a combination of the three main shades of spring – green, yellow and light pink.

Forsythia blooms before cherries and allows you to enjoy the colors of spring for a longer period.


Azaleas are especially loved by Koreans. They have been using this pink flower for a long time in the preparation of tteok rice cakes, hwajeon flower fritters, and alcoholic drinks. Azaleas are also widely used in landscape design to decorate the pond area in residential buildings.

In general, the azalea is a true friend and is not picky at all. Due to its amazing vitality, it can grow almost anywhere – even in the forest, even on mountain ranges.

On the slopes of the mountains, azaleas of various colors – from white to bright pink – look especially cheerful and laid-back. Huge flower bushes on relief ridges are a truly impressive sight.


Be sure to go to Goryeosan Mountains in Ganghwa (Incheon City) in spring. See how crimson azalea blooms completely cover the top of Koryosan Mountain.

Korea's spring look: best «blooming» ; country locations

Koryosan Mountains in Ganghwa. Photo courtesy of NOTC.

But first you will need to climb to the top of the mountain. Do not be afraid, the path will not be very difficult. And besides, almost everyone who comes here is happy to overcome this mountain route to enjoy the breathtaking panorama from above. And as you know, a good example inspires.

When you climb up and see endlessly beautiful mountains covered with bright pink azaleas, you will immediately forget about the difficulties of climbing.


Of course, you can come into contact with the beautiful in Seoul. Blooming spring flowers, the beauty of which causes tender awe and delight, are waiting for you at Changdeokgung Palace.

Locals call this place the best place to get into another dimension right in the center of the city, as well as feel the love of Koreans for azaleas.


We went further – 330 km from Seoul, to the province of Jeolla-namdo, to the city of Yeosu. There are Yongchwisan Mountains, where on the territory of 330 thousand square meters. m, growing azaleas. A whole flower-mountain kingdom. The beauty there is such that it easily causes tears of admiration in impressionable tourists.

Korea's spring look: best «blooming» ; country locations

Yeongchwisan Mountains in Yeosu. Photo courtesy of NOTK

At the top of Yeongchwisan Mountain, you can enjoy a panoramic view of blooming azaleas that fill everything around with cheerful pink colors.


Now the most important thing – dates azalea blossoms. Azalea blooms earlier than others in the city of Seogwipo on March 7th. A little later – on March 12 – in the mountains of Yeonchwisan in Yeosu. Flowering starts on March 15 in Busan and March 19 in Jeonju.

Residents and tourists of Seoul begin to enjoy the flowering of azaleas on March 20, and the wave of flowers reaches Incheon on March 22.


Perhaps the most important event and symbol of spring in Korea is cherry blossom, which occurs at the end of March.

Delicate white-purple flowers, generously sprinkling branchy cherry trees and making their crowns look like clouds, are associated by Koreans and tourists with love, the awakening of nature. The cherry blossom period is fleeting, so local residents and travelers do not waste a minute, they walk a lot along the city alleys and parks, rejoicing in the primordial beauty and freshness. like purple confetti, petals. Many Koreans believe that if you make a wish and eat a petal that has fallen from a cherry tree, it will surely come true.


For those wishing to combine watching the Korean spring miracle with an acquaintance with an interesting historical place, we recommend going to an unusual location – Seoul National Cemetery, where national heroes are buried.

Korea's spring look: the country's best blooming locations< /p> Seoul National Cemetery (: Seoul National Cemetery). Photo courtesy of NOTK

That's right, Seoul Cemetery, steeped in history, is not associated with beauty. And that is why there are not so many visitors here, which means you can admire the beauty of cherry blossoms in an atmosphere of complete tranquility.

This place is especially uniquely lined with weeping cherries, which are very pleasant to watch.


In order to fully experience the beauty of cherry blossoms, you must definitely go to Changwon city, which is 300 km from Seoul. This still young city is famous for the most magnificent cherry blossom scenery in Korea.

Spring image of Korea: the country's best blooming locations

Gyeonghwa Station in Jinhae. Photo courtesy of NOTK

In spring, cherry trees bloom all over the city, turning Changwon into one huge garden, immersed in snow-white petals. At this time, the largest cherry blossom festival in the country is held in the city.

One of the most colorful places to watch the blossom is considered to be the railway at Gyeonghwa Station planted with cherry trees, where a tunnel is formed cherry blossoms.


Waiting for those who want to experience spring in a special way and Jeju Island. Here cherry blossoms start and end earlier than in other regions of the country.

Spring image of Korea: the country's best blooming locations

Jonnonno Street in Jeju-do. Photo courtesy of NOTK

A favorite flowering spot here is Jonnonno Street, which is full of delicate pink flowers. The royal cherry, densely growing along the road, forms a colorful flower tunnel, and pale pink petals crumbling with every breath of wind cover the ground with a snow-white carpet.


First of all, cherry blooms on Jeju Island, Jeonju, Busan, Pohang, this happens towards the end of March – March 20, March 22, March 24 and March 25, respectively.

In Seoul, the cherry also blooms in March, but a little later – March 28, in Cheongju – March 27. In Daegu – March 26.

By the first days of April (April 3-5), flowering reaches Incheon and Chuncheon.

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