5 unusual and the most comfortable glampings beyond the Urals

An important difference between glamping and a “stationary” accommodation facility is its wide geography and the possibility of locating a glamping park in the most beautiful and picturesque

strong> corners of the country. There are many such places beyond the Urals. Here are stunning landscapes, and a unique geography with incredible landscape changes.

In general, real glampings are very similar, but you can almost always find an unusual and interesting place that will stand out from the rest. It is about such glampings in the Asian territory of Russia that experts from the manufacturer of geodome structures Fullerdome tell. Let's agree right away that “beautiful sunsets and sunrises” are automatically attached to each item from the list.

1. Reserved places

5 unusual and the most comfortable glampings beyond the Urals

Let's start from the East. «Reserved places» is a hotel-type geodome park. This means that the house will have a comfortable temperature in any season. A trip here will be remembered for the gastronomic delights of the Far East; dishes of the author's cuisine are served on the territory. For celebrations with a large number of guests, there is a spacious lounge area with a bar counter. Fishing, watching the Amur tiger (from afar!), rafting, winter excursions on snowmobiles, a Russian bath with fir paws. You can go to the unusual rocks “Nadge”. By the way, this natural formation has a beautiful legend of origin.


5 unusual and most comfortable glampings beyond the Urals

Another Ural glamping park among coniferous forests near Belaya Mountain. Under the dome in the room itself there is a bathroom, cold and hot water, a kitchen area. Bed linen and bath accessories are included. Maximum comfort in nature. There are also rooms with a vat, the complete set of the room can be selected individually. Near the hippodrome, deer farm. You will have a ready-made brazier with coals, cozy seating for evening conversations by the fire and … Abandoned platinum mines and quarries. They look much better than the name sounds. The tents can accommodate up to 5 guests, so you can have a great time in the company of friends.

3. Ecopark Canada

5 unusual and most comfortable glampings beyond the Urals

A great option for lovers of digital detox. The administration warns in advance that mobile communications and the Internet are “bad” in the park. Which more than compensates for the appearance and arrangement of the rooms! A little boho, a little hygge. There are several configuration options that will suit a large company, a family, and even a lone vacationer. There is a full-fledged house with many rooms and separate houses for those who want to spend time alone with nature. Naturally, there are spacious rooms for celebrations. Often people come here to celebrate a wedding or an anniversary. There is a thick pine forest around the glamping.


5 unusual and most comfortable glampings beyond the Urals

Safari-style glamping with a view of the pond. Very stylish houses with Wi-Fi, so this is a paradise for co-working lovers. Expensive coworking, yes, but still cheaper than the capital or abroad. The houses have everything you need for a comfortable stay: electricity, a refrigerator, a kettle, cutlery, shower sets, bathrobes, blankets and many other useful household items. The bathroom is next to the house. The choice of entertainment is perhaps the most diverse on our list: SUP-surfing, electric boats for water trips, fishing, billiards, board games, massage, sauna, table tennis. Beautiful glamping with a wide range of activities. Pay attention to the seasonality of work.

5. Forest Glamp

5 unusual and most comfortable glampings beyond the Urals

Altai glamping on the shores of Lake Teletskoye. Warm geo-domes with all amenities, clean air, open-air aroma-bath, sun loungers, barbecue with coals, cycling, “silent hunting”, family apiary. By the way, apidomiki is just around the corner – this is a place where you can relax on the bees (exactly!), such an old tradition of healing the body and spirit. A great bonus is a helicopter ride over the expanses of the park and its surroundings. Such views are breathtaking, and these impressions remain in memory for a long time. Can you imagine what could be better than a helicopter ride after a good sleep on the bees? Definitely an interesting place.

5 unusual and most comfortable glampings beyond the Urals

Each glamping has its own rules for guests. Check them out before booking. For example, not all parks allow pets. Carefully choose the format of the park, find out about leisure options in advance so as not to spend your vacation within 4 walls, if suddenly you do not like fishing.

Another important factor is the availability of a bathroom inside the room. For many, this is a critical moment. On the territory of one glamping park there can be houses with and without a bathroom. Therefore, be careful when booking.

Ask in advance how much you will be bothered by insects. In addition, the format of recreation in glamping assumes environmental friendliness in everything. The administration strives to maintain cleanliness and safety, both for tourists and for the environment, so all guests are advised to take care of nature. Glamping is almost always located near a beautiful natural object: a mountain, a lake, a centuries-old coniferous forest. So don't forget your camera!

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