How to send a child to school in Poland?

Ukrainian children from 7 to 18 years old can study free of charge in public schools in Poland. We tell you how to enroll your child in school and what other study options there are. August 22, 2022 0 3 min

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To enroll a child in a school in Poland, parents or legal guardians must select a school from the Register of Schools and Educational Institutions in Poland.

Next, you need to submit to the director an application for enrolling the child, as well as confirming school attendance in Ukraine, if you have them with you. If they are not available, then you need to write a statement in which you indicate the years of the child's education.

Ukrainian children can study in public schools in Poland from 7 to 18 years old. Education is free.

Note that the admission of new students in Poland is possible throughout the academic year. Children are registered in state institutions on the same conditions as citizens of Poland.

For simplified adaptation, Ukrainians can be offered education in a class a year lower.

What if the child does not know Polish language?

Polish schools say that it is not necessary to know the Polish language to continue their studies. At the same time, schools offer free Polish courses and preparatory electives for children.

If the child does not know the language, he is first sent to preparatory courses with intensive study of Polish. In addition, there are schools in Poland with two languages ​​of instruction – Ukrainian and Polish. A list of such schools can be found here.

Poland is also going to adopt a law that will allow Ukrainian refugee teachers to work, therefore, there will be more Ukrainian classes.

How to continue studying in the Ukrainian program?

In the school where the child studied before going abroad, you can continue studying as an external student, and in many schools there will be separate classes that will study exclusively remotely.

Another option is to enroll in the International Ukrainian School – This is a state institution of general secondary education of I-III levels for citizens of Ukraine living abroad. Education in it is free and takes place externally.

There are other online schools that have the right to issue a state document on education. Their list is available here. The cost of education is from 500 to 3500 UAH/month.

You can also consider entering a Ukrainian school in Poland. For example, in Warsaw and other cities there are such Ukrainian schools:

– The first Ukrainian school in Poland (Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow),

– Ukrainian Saturday school in Warsaw,


– School “Materinka” them. D. Pavlychka (in Warsaw),

– Warsaw Ukrainian School SzkoUA;

We also recall that parents of schoolchildren can receive 300 PLN to prepare their child for school. We wrote about how to get them in this article.

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