Agiotazh for cruises with cashback: why book now?

August 25, the autumn stage of the cashback program started, thanks to which tourists can also go on cruises on Russian rivers and get 20% of the cost of the trip back. This time the program includes cruises in Russia from September 1 until the end of navigation (November 18), 2022, lasting at least 4 days/3 nights.

Since August 16, the Infoflot cruise center has opened pre-booking for cruises under the cashback program and has received a large flow of applications. Further, after the start of the program, demand strengthened even more and now the number of applications for autumn cruises has more than doubled, reaching the indicators of the spring cashback stage.

Particularly popular, according to experts, are cruises along the Golden Ring, to Tatarstan, the Two Capitals route between Moscow and St. Petersburg – and, of course, a unique expedition cruise on Lake Baikal, in which there are only 4 free cabins left. Cruises to the south of Russia are also being actively explored, especially in the first half of September.

Cashback cruise hype: why book now?

With regards to preferences by month, then, of course, cruises for September are most actively chosen. But since many cruises in September have already sold out, demand is gradually shifting to the first half of October. There is also a very good demand for November, because there are few flights and their load is already over 60% percent.

Experts recommend that neither agents nor tourists delay, as fewer and fewer places remain every day of the program. At the same time, with such demand, the risk of early termination of the program (before September 10) is very high, and those who wanted to wait a bit may simply not have time to take advantage of the maximum benefit.

The hype for cruises with cashback: why book now?

Now Infoflot offers more than 600 cashback autumn cruises to various destinations on ships of different cruise companies with 20% cashback and additional discounts up to 20%. That is, the total benefit can reach up to 40%, which is important both for the tourists themselves and for agents who can offer more affordable vacation options.

To enable agents to navigate the whole variety of cashback cruises, Infoflot offers a free webinar on the ProCruises learning platform. To view, you only need to register.

Booking cruises under the Cashback 20% program with the Infoflot cruise center opens up many advantages for agents:

  • cruises from the maximum number of cruise operators (including those who do not participate in the program on their own);
  • convenient and fast registration – everything is online;
  • simplified booking system and automation of all reporting;
  • fast accrual of commission (not lower than the operator's!) – within 5 banking days from the date of submission of the account;
  • personal curator and telegram chat for all emerging issues.

You can learn more about all the benefits of working with Infoflot and the terms of cooperation under the cashback program from specialists: 8 800 707 50 35,

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