Tangpung in Korea: the best places to see maple trees in Seoul

It's time for tangpung in Korea very soon. This is the name of the season of admiring autumn leaves, which lasts here from late September to mid-November. At this time, shades of gold and fiery red color the entire country, turning the already fabulous Korea into one of the most magical places on the planet. We suggest you go to Seoul to look at the colors of Korean autumn.

In South Korea, there are two seasons that are especially attractive for tourists – spring and autumn. In spring, the surrounding landscape is transformed by cherry, azalea and forsythia. Red maples planted all over the country create a special atmosphere of Korean autumn.

The period when Korean autumn landscapes are flooded with a raging ocean of yellow and scarlet colors is called “tangphun”.


The tanphung season starts at the end of September in Seoraksan Mountain National Parks and Odaesan, after As a result, tree leaves change color in the central region, and then colorful leaves appear in the southern regions of Korea, including the Jirisan Mountains.

Deoksogun Palace in autumn.

Very beautiful at the end of October and in the Nejangsan Mountains, in the national park of the same name, which is famous for its “maple tunnel”. You can track the best periods of visiting a particular region of the country during the “tangphun” period on this site.

As a rule, any, including the autumn trip to Korea, for tourists begins with the South Korean capital. ATOR Herald, together with the National Tourism Organization of Korea (KOTK), has compiled a list of places in Seoul that are definitely worth a visit for the mesmerizing autumn scenery.


To see the red maples in Seoul in all its glory, you should go to Namsan Mountain Park, which is definitely worthy of admiring it live.

The mountain is low (265 m), in the center of the city. There, tourists and guests of the capital of Korea leisurely walk along the paths dotted with autumn foliage. Of course, they watch the maple trees, walk along the fortress walls and admire the beautiful view of the city, visit the observation Seoul Tower platform (479.7 m) and from there admire the night panorama of Seoul over a cup hot tea or coffee.

Tanphun in Korea: the best places to see maple trees in Seoul

View of autumn colors and tower on Namsan mountain. Photo courtesy of NOTK

Don't leave the park without riding the cable car, visiting the marine aquarium and the botanical garden.


Seoul Forest is another metropolitan location where colorful Korean autumn lives. A large urban forest park called Seoul Forest is located on Tuksom Island, which was once a royal hunting ground.

Now there is Deer Observatory, sculptures, fountains, Hangang River and Cloud Bridge, from the observation deck of which offers a beautiful view of the autumn forest. And there are red maples in it, admiring the multi-colored dense lush crown of which it is easy not to notice the passage of time.

The most colorful photographs are obtained at the sign “Seoul Forest” at the 9th and 15th exits of the subway station of the same name, on the metasequoia alley, at the “mirror” pond, in the garden for children, at Sowon Waterfall.

< p>Tanphung in Korea: the best places to see maple trees in Seoul

Pohaengagyo Bridge in Seoul Forest.

An especially beautiful view of the Hangang River from the Pohengagyo bridgeconnecting the Seoul Forest and the Hangang River. Many people come here to watch the sunset. Indeed, the sight is inspiring.


Visit Deoksogung Palace during the “tangphun” period, built in the 15th century as a residence for members of the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty, means to see with your own eyes the real embodiment of the idyll of architectural and natural perfection.

For the exciting views of maroon-crimson maple leaves, you need to go to the road Toldamkil< /strong>connecting the palace complex and the Chondong theater. Maple trees are planted along the entire road (almost 1 km long), they create a romantic atmosphere.

Tangphun in Korea: the best places to see maples in Seoul

Toldamkil Road – not here remove the leaves. Photo courtesy of NOTK

Lovers of rustling leaves will also appreciate this street. Fallen leaves are not removed here, specifically to give guests the opportunity to get the maximum number of different experiences (and photos, of course).

Just a short walk from the palace is Seoul Art Gallery. You should definitely go there to admire the autumn colors of the 500-year-old maple tree.

We also recommend visiting Cheondong Theatre, on the stage of which performances are staged in the traditional style. And at the end of the day, when the sun begins to set below the horizon, you just need to go up to the observation deck Chongdong, located in the Seosomun (Seoul City Hall) building. From the height of the 13-story building, you can see the entire city.

Tanphun in Korea: the best places to see maples in Seoul

Panorama of Deokseogun Palace, Seoul Art Gallery and Cheongdong Theatre. Photo courtesy of NOTK

The maple trees are also waiting for the enthusiastic glances of connoisseurs of autumn beauty in the palace Gyeongbokgung, which means “palace of radiant happiness” in Korean. It is considered the main and largest royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It was built in 1395, three years after the accession to the throne of the dynasty.


Colorful leaves, clean cool air and transparent silence will inspire visitors to Songjeong Chaebankil, which stretches for almost 5 km along the Jungnacheon stream between Songdongyo bridges and Jangpyeongggyo.

This street, with its picturesque scenery of lush cherry blossoms in spring and colorful palette of yellows and oranges in autumn, makes this street one of Seoul's 10 Streets to Seek take a walk.”

Walking here in the autumn, when the maple trees are like a golden blanket showering the entire street with foliage, and nearby the murmuring of the Chungnancheon stream, is a great pleasure.

Nearby are the park area Ttukseom and Large Children's Park< /strong> that will enchant little travelers. There is a zoo, a botanical garden, an amusement park, theme areas, etc.


A beautiful park Haneul< /strong> along with Dawn Park (Neul conwon) and Nanji Park on the Hangang River are part of the World Cup Park built to celebrate the 17th FIFA World Cup held in Korea in 2002 .

Tanphung in Korea: the best places to see maple trees in Seoul

Muhlenbergia grass in Haneul Park and reed field. Photo courtesy of NOTK

The bright and harmonious Haneul Park is a favorite of emotion hunters and connoisseurs of inspiring photo shoots (there are many photo zones in the park). The autumn park delights its guests with fields of miscanthus and decorative mühlenbergia that shimmer with a silvery hue. Muhlenbergia, this fluffy, like a cloud, herb is pink. The combination of these shades gives Korean autumn a special sophistication.

Tourists who come to the park in October, among other things, will be able to become participants in Seoul Miscanthus Festival.


In these parks, everything is at its maximum: brightness, impressions and history. Let's start with the last one. Songneung Park contains the tomb of the 9th King of the Joseon Dynasty, Seongjong and his wife, Queen Jeonghyeon, and Jeonneung Park, the tomb of the 11th King, Jungjeong.

< p>Royal Burial Sites Songneung and Jongneung located in Seoul Samseong-dongon the territory of the business center Gangnam, are, among other things, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tanphun in Korea : best places to see maple trees in Seoul

Seongneung and Jeongneung Royal Burial Grounds in autumn Photo courtesy of NOTK

Dense pine trees growing near the graves add charm to the area and make guests forget that they are in the middle of the stone jungle. The chaesil structure (a building near the grave for making a sacrifice) shrouded in golden foliage looks very beautiful. This place is relatively little known even among the locals, so you can enjoy the autumn scenery in a peaceful environment.


The Olympic Park located in the Songpa-gu metropolitan area has been crafted to create the perfect fall look year after year for pink mullenbergia, silver miscanthus grass, and other plants and trees against which colorful photographs are obtained.

And only in autumn you can see here flowering field of cosmosextending up to the hill. Tourists who have already been lucky enough to visit this park recommend renting a bicycle to explore the local beauties, which can be rented at the central square of the park.

Tanphun in Korea: the best places to see maples in Seoul

Blooming cosmos in the Olympic Park. Photo courtesy of NOTK

Those who wish can complete their walks in the park by visiting nearby tourist locations: Lotte World amusement park, Lotte World Mall, SEOUL SKY observation deck in LOTTE Tower WORLD TOWER. You can also go to the city park Hangang in the Jamsil area.


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All the details are on the website of the special project “Journey to Korea begins again.”

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