What a new one was opened in St. Petersburg for citizens and tourists

The new tourist geography of St. Petersburg is expanding dynamically. There are points of attraction where you can take a walk, relax, listen to music or sit with a cup of coffee. With the support of the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg, we have collected a selection of “fresh” urban places with a great atmosphere.

The third stage of the “Island of Forts”

In August 2020, a thematic urban cluster dedicated to the history and glory of the Russian Navy opened in Kronstadt. The Island of Forts is both a public space with walking areas, swings and playgrounds, and an open-air museum. The Alley of Heroes of the Russian Navy tells about more than three centuries of the history of the Navy, and 200 names of heroes-sailors, from the era of Peter I to the present day, are immortalized on the Lighthouse of Memory.

Promenade on the Isle of Forts. Photo provided by the press service of the Island of Forts

On Navy Day, July 31, the third stage of the Island of Forts cluster was solemnly opened near the coast of the Gulf of Finland. The reconstructed main square with an all-season indoor food court, the restored buildings of the fort's coastal complex: “Guard” and “Guard with a round tower”, as well as a sports ground with exercise equipment, a 200-meter jogging track and a sandy recreation area with SUP board rental have become available to visitors.

For a relaxing pastime, the Chess Club with stone game boards, the Na Stumps recreation area, or the walking route along the old dam connecting Kronstadt with the Peter the Great Fort are suitable. Previously, the dam was only allowed to board pleasure boats or “Meteors” to St. Petersburg.

“Brusnitsyn Cultural Quarter”

In May, a new urban space, the Brusnitsyn Cultural Quarter, opened on Vasilievsky Island, overlooking the Gulf of Finland. Right at the entrance to Brusnitsyn, guests are greeted in an arch by a small candy factory, where both the old brickwork and even the tiles in the workshops were restored.

What's new in St. Petersburg for citizens and tourists

Cultural Brusnitsyn quarter. Photo courtesy of Brusnitsyn Cultural Quarter.

Citizens and guests of the city have already fallen in love with the new quarter, where you can comfortably sit by the water in hammocks, sun loungers or swings, play petanque or go in for sports, go to an art gallery or “hang out” in a multimedia space. The Gogol digital library has also been opened here.

It is hard not to notice it: these are five giant “books” each more than three meters high. These “books” contain several dozen works, as well as audio tours of St. Petersburg. To read the publication of interest, you need to have a smartphone with you, as well as register in the library system of the Krasnogvardeisky district.

The Menshikov Garden cultural space

Vasilyevsky Island will delight and another new cultural space “Menshikov's Garden” in the courtyard of house 10 on Birzhevaya line. Here they created a venue for concerts and festivals, which can accommodate from 300 to 3000 people.

What's new in Petersburg for citizens and tourists

Menshikov Garden. Photo: Vladimir Drozdin

In addition to live performances, you can visit a cute garden with characters from the Miyazaki anime and relax in a tent with soft sofas. The site will be closed in winter.

Public space in Gostiny Dvor

You can take a break from walking and shopping in the courtyards of Nevsky Prospekt – on the inner territory of Gostiny Dvor. In a small cozy space, there is a food court, a relaxation area with sun loungers and board games, art objects and a concert venue where live music plays in the evenings. And on weekends it’s even more interesting: there are dance and creative master classes, lectures and film screenings.

What's new in St. Petersburg for citizens and tourists

The new space of the Gostinka is both modern and very comfortable. Photo: Vladimir Drozdin

Dvor Gostinki opened last year, but the concept, design and pool of residents were finally formed by the 2022 season. “The yard of the Gostinka turned out to be very useful, given its location next to the noisy Nevsky Prospekt. This is an urban oasis of calm and good mood,” visitors say about it.

Public space on the embankment of the Karpovka River

There is everything for outdoor recreation: comfortable benches, walking and cycling paths, bike parking, flower beds, equipped slopes to the water, an amphitheater, a photo zone, children's and sports grounds, interactive objects and swings. There is even a small “singing field”. An important plus of this place is its length: this is a large stretch of the embankment, which can become a pleasant part of the walking route along the Petrograd side.

What's new in Petersburg for citizens and tourists

Renewed embankment of the Karpovka River. Photo: Vladimir Drozdin

The public space on the embankment of the Karpovka River opened at the end of 2019, but new elements of improvement are constantly appearing here, which only adds to the popularity of this atmospheric urban place.

New water routes< /strong>

In July, with the support of the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg, a new water excursion route was launched in the historical part of the city. The walk starts at the Savior on Spilled Blood and allows you to see the sights of the Golden Triangle from the water, and then, mooring opposite the Nikolsky Rows, visit one of the most atmospheric places in St. Petersburg – Kolomna.

What's new in St. Petersburg for citizens and tourists

The historical part of St. Petersburg looks special from the water. Photo: pxhere.com

Here you can safely stroll along the embankments, make a wish on Semimost, relax in the courtyard of Nikolsky Rows or go on a walking tour “Walks around Kolomna” organized by the Alexander Blok Museum-Apartment.

< p>In autumn, the weather still allows you to take a boat ride along the route, which this season connected Sevkabel Port and New Holland.

Observation deck on the belfry of Vladimir Cathedral

Another one has been added to the list of observation decks of the city. Now you can admire the city center – cathedrals, spiers and avenues – from the observation deck of St. Vladimir's Cathedral. Its 41-meter high bell tower is one of the highest in the city, so the collection of panoramic shots of St. Petersburg will receive a worthy addition.

What's new in St. Petersburg for citizens and tourists

Vladimir Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

You can climb the bell tower with a guided tour on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 13:00 and 15:00.

Recall that you can learn more about the tourist opportunities of St. Petersburg, interesting places in the city and the calendar events can be found on the official city tourist portal Visit-Petersburg.ru, on its official VKontakte page and Telegram channel. And also – in the special project #DiscoverYourPetersburg.

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