10 most secure countries of the world for women traveling alone

When creating the rating, criteria such as the level of violence against women, domestic violence, attitudes towards violence against women in society, how safe it is for women to walk alone at night, legislation to protect women, gender equality and other factors. 03 September 2022 0 1 min

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In the first place in the ranking was Ireland: there are only 1% of women who believe that violence against women can be justified. The country also has one of the lowest percentages of women subjected to violence by men.

TOP 10 safest countries for female travelers

Also called the most unsafe destination for female solo travelers, Colombia topped the anti-rating – the country has poor scores for each item. This is followed by Costa Rica, USA, Chile and Turkey.

According to unian.net.

We also recall that ClubMed named the happiest places on the planet. Popular tourist destinations were analyzed on a number of indicators: safety, crime rate, pollution, travel and leisure opportunities, cultural events, attitudes towards LGBTQ+ and the overall happiness index of the population.

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