Students students who study abroad have the right to leave

Students who study abroad but were unable to continue their studies in time due to the war have the right to leave. This applies to students who study abroad on a full-time or dual form of study. It is reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. 06 September 2022 0 1 min

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What documents do male students need to cross the border?

  • Student card or student visa.
  • Translated and notarized documents that confirm studying at a foreign university.
  • Military registration documents with a record of granting a deferment from conscription and a certificate issued by the territorial recruitment and social support center for traveling abroad.

According to We also recall that that the Polish Center for International Assistance (PCRM), UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland have launched a special hotline for schoolchildren and students who have entered or plan to continue their education in Poland.

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