Kemer — one of the most popular tourist locations in Turkey. The secret of its popularity lies in the harmonious combination of all the conditions for carefree beach relaxation and the advantages of a large city. You definitely won’t have to look for a place here for a long time to pass the evening pleasantly. On every corner for vacationers: cafes, bars, souvenir shops, food outlets. The resort has many pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, large chain supermarkets, clothing stores. The city is not deprived of sights and entertainment areas — ideal for tourists with limited vacation time, but who want to relax actively and richly. We tell you where to go in Kemer on your own, without leaving the resort.

Walk along the famous boulevard

The walking area of ​​the resort, 2.5 km long, is conditionally divided into 3 parts: with tourist hotels, a bus station and bus stations and a long alley of shops and cafes. The symbol of the boulevard is the monument to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk — the first President of the Republic of Turkey, after whom the main street is named. In the high season it is noisy and crowded regardless of the time of day. But the city center is especially beautiful after sunset, in the light of evening lanterns.

What to see in Kemer?

Dine on the observation deck of the Clock Tower

At the intersection of the two main boulevards of Kemer, Ataturk and Dörtyol, there is another visiting card of the city — White clock tower — a popular meeting place for Turks. There is a restaurant on the observation deck of the building. Only visitors to the establishment can admire the city views from a height of 13 meters. At the entrance to the tower there is a magnificent illuminated fountain.

Immerse yourself in the era of the past in Yoruk Park

A colorful ethnographic park-museum in the suburbs of — a place where to go by car in Kemer is not at all necessary. “Yoryuk” is located just 2 km from the resort, which allows you to get to it from the main city street in 40 minutes of a leisurely walk.

Buildings of nomadic tribes who lived on the territory of the country several centuries ago were erected in the open air. Visitors can see the interior of dwellings, household items, craft tools. With the help of large dolls in traditional dresses, scenes illustrating work processes and wedding ceremonies are reproduced. In the distance from the area with pavilions there are hiking trails with a sea panorama.

What to see in Kemer?

View religious relics at the local mosque

One of the most beautiful shrines of the Turkish Riviera is made of white marble and topped with two minarets. On the territory of the religious building there is a prayer hall intended exclusively for Muslims, as well as a museum with relics of Islam. Everyone can see the historical exhibits. 

If you are thinking about where to go and what to see in Kemer, so that even the youngest travelers would be interested, pay attention to the local dolphinarium, the Dino Park family theme park and the large DoluSu water attraction center.

To explore the surroundings of Kemer

For inquisitive tourists who do not plan to confine themselves to city walks on vacation, we offer a list of interesting locations where to go in Kemer on a sightseeing tour of its surroundings will be excellent idea:

  • fire mountain Yanartas;
  • Beldibi caves;
  • Goynuk canyon ;
  • Helidonia Cape and Lighthouse;
  • St. Nicholas Church in Demre;
  • ancient city Phaselis;
  • Mount Tahtali.

What to see in Kemer?

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