Ukrainian students can use free transport in Wroclaw

So, in Poland in the city of Wroclaw, such a service is provided not only for children who study full-time in Polish schools, but also for Ukrainians who continue to receive education online in Ukrainian schools, while in Poland. The city authorities of Wroclaw confirmed this decision officially. September 08, 2022 0 2 min

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The benefit is valid for Ukrainians under 21 who arrived in Poland after February 24, 2022 and are studying in institutions of basic education, basic secondary education and specialized secondary education. This does not apply to university students.

Conditions of free travel

For free travel, you must present to the controller:

  • For students in Ukraine – to present a document (declaration) on studying at a Ukrainian educational institution (but only submitted to the Municipality of Wroclaw) and an identity document;
  • For students in a Polish school – to present a Polish student ID to the inspectors. It is issued to all students registered in a Polish school.

How to make a declaration confirming education in a Ukrainian educational institution?

In order for a child to have no problems in Poland, parents must make a declaration confirming his education in Ukraine. To do this, you need:

After that, the child will be released from the obligation to study in a Polish educational institution.

According to

We also recall that students who study abroad, but were unable to continue their studies on time due to the war, have the right to leave. This applies to students who study abroad in full-time or dual form of study.

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