Where can I change my driving license in Warsaw?

Now you can exchange Ukrainian driver's licenses in the passport service of the State Enterprise “Document” in Warsaw. Let's clarify right away that we are not talking about an exchange for a Polish license, but about replacing a Ukrainian driver's license for a number of reasons. September 14, 2022 0 2 min

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A new document may be needed if:

  • The current document is unusable – it is corrupted or the text cannot be read on it;
  • You have changed personal data (last name, first name, gender);
  • You need to clarify the spelling of personal data in Latin letters, change the digitized photo.

For you need to replace an expired certificate issued for the first time for two years, then you will not have to renew take an exam (provided that you have not committed more than two violations during this time).

What documents are needed for the exchange?

  • Ukrainian passport with a mandatory place of registration provided that 30 calendar days have not passed since the date of its issue);
  • original or copy of the identification number;
  • driver's license to be exchanged;
  • document confirming the fact changes in personal data;
  • a medical certificate 083/o is not required during martial law.

The cost of replacing a document is 254 hryvnia, and the company's service is 420 zlotys.

We also recall that Ukrainians who have received the status of temporary protection in Poland are not required to exchange a driver's document or retake a driving test – they can use Ukrainian rights.

According to zakordon.24tv.ua.

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