So let's get started.

1. Honeymoon

If you are traveling as a couple, then at the reception in the hotel, filling out the necessary forms, as if by chance, share with the hotel employee “information” that you just got married the other day and now you have the very best honeymoon.

Here you will see how the person behind the counter will try. You have every chance to get a room with a king-size bed, with a panoramic view from the window, wine or champagne in the room and some other nice little things. But you initially ordered the usual “standard”.

2. Easy flirting

Traveling alone, or, for example, having arrived on a business trip, do not waste time and start acting immediately. At the hotel, select an employee of the opposite sex at the reception desk and start an unobtrusive conversation with him (her). The main thing is to joke more. Flirting is your ally. If everything works out, the chances of a luxurious room increase. Especially since you were only staying here for a couple of days, and the “suite” on the top floor, by a lucky chance, turned out to be free at that time.

3. Booking last minute

Do not listen to other people's advice and book a hotel room just before the trip. It is no secret that most tourists almost always choose what is cheaper. And, of course, all the “standards” are sold out in the first place. And the more expensive options: “suites” and “junior suites” administration leaves in reserve in case of overbooking. Booking later, you may well qualify for an unplanned, but no less pleasant room upgrade. And you don't even have to flirt.

Of course, none of these methods guarantees 100 percent that everything will work out, and instead of a budget room, you will get an expensive one. But, as practice shows. And those who give such advice are already convinced of this. Either way, you have absolutely nothing to lose. But you can get very much …

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