The reason for the huge popularity of Egyptian resorts lies not only in the availability of comfortable hotels with a convenient All Inclusive system. The main natural treasure of the country of pyramids — incredibly clean and always warm Red Sea with a rich underwater world. For exciting diving, extreme surfing and just relaxing swimming in salt water, millions of travelers come here every year. However, beach leisure in the tourist areas of Egypt has some rules and restrictions, lovers of marine activities should know about them in advance.

A ban on night swimming: a whim of the Egyptians or concern for tourists?

Local beaches have warning signs stating that it is better not to enter the water after dark. In private coastal recreation areas, a brave tourist who wants to dive at night may also be reprimanded by the guards. The explanation of the staff why you can not swim at night in Egypt will be simple — it's dangerous.

The Red Sea is famous for its variety of underwater inhabitants, including predatory ones: from stingrays to sharks. On hot days they sleep, and after sunset they go hunting in search of food — small fish, mollusks, shrimps, sometimes swimming almost to the very shore. Purposefully predatory marine inhabitants do not attack people, but in the dark you can simply not notice a large fish, scare it and get injured from sharp teeth.

Why can't you swim in Egypt at night?

Another reason why in Egypt you can not swim at night in the sea — too poor visibility. On the beaches, as a rule, there are no lights, and the only available lighting — natural, that is, moonlight. In the twilight it is easy not to see fragments of coral or sea urchin at the bottom. Even if during the day the coast was clean, by night the marine inhabitants are often thrown out by waves into shallow water. After such a “meeting” it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, treat the wound and do not load the sore leg until complete recovery. This means that active swimming and excursions will have to be postponed until the next vacation. The needles of large individuals are so sharp that even special rubber slippers can pierce. 

In addition, lifeguards do not work at night. It will be difficult for a beach guard who is on duty quite far from the water to react quickly and come to the aid of a drowning swimmer. 

By the way, the question of whether it is possible to swim at night in Egypt was also foreseen by employees of insurance companies. Each travel voucher policy states that the company does not cover the cost of treating injuries sustained during swims at night.

Why can't you swim in Egypt at night?

Is it possible to swim in the pool?

Even if the hotel operates on an all-inclusive basis, around the clock, and animators entertain guests until late at night, after 19:00 — 20:00 to relax in the hotel pool, most likely, will not succeed. Access to it is simply closed with a protective tape. In order for vacationers to safely spend time in clean water, without the risk of catching any infection, an artificial reservoir must be constantly disinfected. For the convenience of guests, cleaning is usually done in the evenings. Some resorts put up a sign saying “Chemical treatment” explaining why you can't swim in the pool at night in Egypt.

Why can't you swim in Egypt at night?

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