Rail cruise abroad for 28 thousand rubles: you can still make it

Rail cruise abroad for 28 thousand rubles: you can still make it

 Railway cruise abroad for 28 thousand rubles: you can still catch

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 Railway cruise abroad for 28 thousand rubles: you can still make it

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If you are worried that the summer is already over, but you still have time to ride a cruise train, but still want to , that is, a little time to correct this annoying oversight. “RZD Tour” especially for such travelers repeats the cruise “Belarusian Voyage” to Minsk and Brest and Grodno. We tell you how to look at the neighboring country under the sound of wheels from the train window, and what emotions await travelers there.

A railway cruise is a very peculiar journey, valuable not only for the route and excursion program, but also for the way of transportation itself: tourists will have their own tourist cars – a hotel on wheels – all the way.

Preserving the main classic attributes of traditional railway trips: tea in glasses with glass holders, and, of course, the favorite and main sign of a long journey since childhood – sound sleep on the top shelf of the sound of wheels – RZD Tour specialists were able to make modern railway cruises very comfortable, but at the same time dynamic in terms of excursion “stuffing”.

However, we described this component of the trip in detail after we independently tested it in Siberia. And within the framework of the “Belarusian Voyage”, tourists are invited to get acquainted in detail with the present and historical pages of the two Belarusian cities. Your choice: Minsk and Grodno or Minsk and Brest.


In the Belarusian capital, tourists will have a bus and walking tour along the main highways and squares of the city.

“Minsk is an amazing city with its own character and its own face. A city of contrasts, a city at the intersection of eras and cultures, modern and at the same time ancient, hasty and unhurried, romantic and businesslike – Minsk is beautiful at any time of the year,” RZD Tour experts emphasize.

 Rail cruise abroad for 28 thousand rubles: you can still make it

Panoramic view of Minsk. Photo: RZD Tour

Too European for the USSR and too Soviet against the background of modern times, Minsk evokes the most contradictory sensations among travelers, always seeming to be at the crossroads of time.

The spirit of orderliness and strict geometry, old customs and predictability of the future does not contradict the presence of a modern and developed service industry: the warmest and most cheerful small restaurants with good inexpensive cuisine and all kinds of bars for every taste and color live in the depths of the grayest Soviet quarters of Minsk. The colossality of traditional Soviet architecture and the width of the avenues in this city are adjacent to the comfort of small shops nestled on the lower floors of monumental buildings.

 Railway cruise abroad for 28 thousand rubles: you can still make it

Victory Square in the center of Minsk. Photo: RZD Tour

Huge monumental granite squares, which are abundant in Minsk and securely “fixed in their places” by an abundance of monuments, contrast with the lace and airiness of the city’s evening illumination, which gives the surrounding landscapes a lightness more typical of small towns Eastern Europe.

Whatever one may say, the Belarusian capital is worthy of bringing your own impressions about it.

In addition to Minsk, travelers are offered a choice of older cities: Brest or Grodno.


The Belarusian Voyage sightseeing bus and walking tour of Grodno promises to take you to the world of medieval Europe, offering a visit to the Old Castle and the Lutheran Church, where you can listen to the sound of the organ.

 Rail cruise abroad for 28 thousand rubles: you can still make it

Evening panorama of Grodno. Photo: RZD Tour

The ancient city of Grodno will wrap you in the comfort of narrow streets, give you knowledge about the history of architecture, and surprise you with the beauty of the Farny Church of Francis Xavier, whose clock has never stopped since its construction. And, it is possible that it will thin the budget somewhat by offering visits to many old shops.

By the way, to buy souvenirs in Grodno and other memorabilia (and in Belarus you can buy textiles, and very tasty products and brands now unavailable in Russia) took place without excesses, RZD Tour recommends travelers to bring cash Belarusian rubles or a Mir card.

And, of course, the highlight of the Grodno program will be a visit to the castles that are picturesquely spread out on the high bank of the Neman – the most real, ancient, not “remake”.

Railway cruise abroad for 28 thousand rubles: you can still make it

Mir Castle in Grodno. Photo: RZD Tour

Brest will open another exciting, inspiring, but tragic page of Belarusian (and world…) history for travelers.


Acquaintance with the city will begin with an excursion to the memorial complex “Brest Fortress – Hero”. It was this fortress that took the first blow of the Wehrmacht during the Great Patriotic War. At dawn on June 22, 1941, the garrison of the Brest Fortress began heroic resistance to the Nazi invaders and for more than a month kept the defense in complete encirclement.

As part of the “Belarusian Voyage” in the “Standard” program, it is proposed to visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Photo: RZD Tour


For the first time, the tour operator invited travelers to the Belarusian Voyage in August 2022, but due to the popularity of the first trips, it was decided to extend the program. The nearest tours on the routes Moscow – Grodno – Minsk – Moscow and Moscow – Brest – Minsk – Moscow will start on September 30. And today (still) there is an opportunity to buy tickets for the best carriages.

Belarusian Voyage is a good opportunity to enjoy the romance of traveling, see wonderful cities, try unusual dishes prepared according to the traditions of Eastern European cuisine, and come home with excellent photographic material. In a few days, tourists get a charge of excellent mood and new memories, which will subsequently bring you to Belarus again,” emphasize the RZD Tour company.

Both programs (with a visit to Grodno or Brest) are designed for 4 days and three nights and are presented in two versions: “Light” and “Standard”.

In the program “Light” more free time, in the program “Standard ” includes a visit to the Mir castle complex in Minsk and Belovezhskaya Pushcha in Brest, as well as lunches in these cities.

“After the first two flights, tourists said that it was at these points of the route that they did not have enough free time. So for those who want to wander through the streets of Minsk on their own, watch in Brest how a lamplighter on the local Arbat lights the lights of a big city, or sit in cozy cafes and restaurants of their choice and the Light programs have been developed, – representatives of the tour operator explained.< /p>


The tourist train is made up of modern carriages, they have air conditioners, compartments are equipped with sockets. Travelers can choose to travel in compartment or SV carriages.

The cost of the tour starts from 28,000 thousand rubles for “Belarusian Voyages” with a visit to Grodno and from 31,730 rubles for tours with a visit to Brest. The price already includes travel in a car of the selected category, transport and excursion services, entrance tickets to tourist sites and meals according to the program.

You can buy railway cruises under the Belarusian Voyage program directly on the tour operator's website, online. The route from Grodno is at this link, and from Brest is at this link.

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