The combination of a classic All Inclusive holiday and immersion in the history — so briefly you can characterize Side. A variety of hotels, sandy coast and more than a dozen sightseeing locations. Moreover, many interesting places are located directly in the city. Convenient for those who are planning an economical vacation or simply do not like many hours of guided tours. 

But how to plan your leisure time correctly and not miss the best sights? We tell you what to see in the city of Side and its environs in the first place.

Getting acquainted with the history

The main number of historical monuments is concentrated in Antique Side — this is the name of the old district of the city, located on the peninsula near the port. You can get to it by minibus with the inscription “Antik Side”, or by a private bus — for tourists who prefer guided tours.

Among the most interesting sights:

  • Temples of Apollo and Athena— shrines of the gods, built in the II & ndash; III Art. Until now, 5 dilapidated columns of temples have survived, which are a symbol of the old district of Side.
  • Agora or the ancient market square — what you can see in Side for lovers of romantic stories. According to legend, many centuries ago, in front of the entrance to the Agora, there were baths in which Queen Cleopatra and Emperor Mark Antony met. Today, here you can see the ruins of the columns and the temple of Tyukhe.
  • Amphitheater— was erected in the II century. and impressed with its scale: it consisted of 58 rows and accommodated 16,000 spectators. Performances of artists, gladiator fights and even sea battles took place on the stage (the interior space was filled with water). Now only the first tier of stands is available to tourists.
  • Arched Gate— in ancient times, the gate was a 13-meter building with Byzantine mosaics, and was located between two defensive towers. The size of the structure that has survived to this day is not so impressive. Nevertheless, this is one of the most photographed sights of Side, because it is through the gate that you can enter the ancient part of the city. 

We also recommend visiting the Archaeological Museum with many valuable finds of archaeologists — from figurines of gods to weapons.

What to see in Side?

Inspired by the beauty of nature

Side is not distinguished by breathtaking views — here you will not see majestic mountains and dense coniferous groves, which resort Turkey is so rich in. For atmospheric photo shoots and picturesque landscapes, you should go to the outskirts of the city.

The most beautiful locations in the region are:

  • Manavgat Waterfall— what tourists from Antalya, Alanya, Kemer and other Mediterranean resorts go to see in the vicinity of Side. Feature of the waterfall — its dimensions — the height is only 2 meters, and the width is as much as 40 meters. Huge boulders protrude from under the streams of Manavgat, lush pine trees are spread at the very edge of the water, in addition to — pawning ears and relaxing at the same time, the noise of foamy jets. You can take beautiful pictures on small observation bridges. 

Note: in almost every resort travel agency you will be offered a trip to the waterfall. We recommend not to overpay, because you can see this area in Side on your own much more economically and no less exciting.

What to see in Side?

  • Green Canyon — the largest reservoir in Turkey with an area of ​​almost 500 hectares. Observation platforms are equipped for visitors, a variety of activities are offered — from fishing to boating. But swimming in clear turquoise water will not work: even in summer the temperature is about +12 °C.

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