Top 5 all-season glampings in Russia from Khabarovsk to Sochi

A few years ago, a completely new concept appeared in our domestic tourism – glamping. The name came from the combination of two English words: glamor and camping – something like “glamorous camping, when the amenities and comfort are like in a classy hotel, and all this against the backdrop of untouched nature. The specialists of Fullerdome, a manufacturer of geodome structures, talk about the most interesting all-season glamping sites in Russia.

Check guest reviews before choosing a place to stay.

Living in glamping is more expensive than camping, so the service must be appropriate. Most often, with a low price tag, all leisure activities are paid separately. If the cost of rest is above average, then it usually includes both leisure and accommodation. Let's not hide, there are still places where pricing can be explained, perhaps, only by the desire of the owners to earn all the money in the world, and immediately.

Top 5 all-season glamping sites  Russia from Khabarovsk to Sochi

So, the first thing to do: carefully read the description of the object, study the range of services, evaluate the quality of glamping, leisure options offered, compare with the price and don't overpay for a tent disguised as a boho tent.

Pay attention to the type of construction. In a plywood house, knocked together in a hurry, they will put a powerful heater, but the air will be so dry that guests, for example, with contact lenses will be completely uncomfortable. No coniferous forest around will save. The scenario is not mandatory, but quite frequent.

Khabarovsk. Reserved Sites

Top 5 all-season glamping sites in Russia from Khabarovsk to Sochi

Geodome glamping with large panoramic windows overlooking the Anyui River. The place will appeal to fans of gastronomic tourism – all dishes are prepared in their own kitchen from Far Eastern delicacies. Excursions, wood-fired sauna, snowmobile trips, rafting down the river.

Salmon spawn here in autumn – a spectacle worth seeing. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch the rare Amur tiger through the camera lens. Within walking distance are the famous stone remains of Nadge.

Geodome is always comfortable temperature inside, as the design is designed for harsh climatic conditions. All joints are sealed, the weight of the structure is evenly distributed over the frame. The very technology of production of these domes involves long-term operation at extreme temperatures. In general, you can live in such rooms without fear of weather disasters.

Krasnodar Territory. Panorama

Top 5 all-season glamping sites  Russia from Khabarovsk to Sochi

Another geodome park, but at the opposite end of the country. Stunning views of the Guam Gorge, gastrobar, thermal springs, sauna, horseback riding…

Of course, there is unique untouched nature around, but this is provided by default in each glamping from our list. The price of the Panorama includes meals. Inside the dome there is a private bathroom, underfloor heating, air conditioning.

Tula. Wilderness

Top-5 all-season glamping sites in Russia from Khabarovsk to Sochi<

Cozy tini-houses. Each room has its own barbecue area with a spacious veranda. Guests are offered rental of sports equipment, fishing, swimming, skiing. Great option for a digital detox! Quiet place, beautiful nature, birds singing, fresh air. It is in such places that writers come up with their best stories.

Moscow region. «Rodionova Dacha»

  Russia from Khabarovsk to Sochi” />

Fully equipped for comfortable living houses near Moscow in berry fields. The interior is a lifestyle blogger's dream. Large panoramic windows, a fireplace and a lot of fresh air.

In your free time from contemplation of natural landscapes, you can ride a SUP-surf, ski, go fishing or take a steam bath in a real sauna. “Rodionova Dacha” is focused on silence and comfort, but it is unlikely to suit noisy companies.

Altai. Cheposh Park

Top 5 all-season glamping sites in Russia from Khabarovsk to Sochi

All talk about glamping in Altai inevitably leads to the description of incredible landscapes. The nature in these parts is unique! Rivers, mountains, fragrant herbs and endless blue skies. During the cold season, the smell of pine needles throughout the park evokes childhood memories of the first Christmas trees. There are multiple room types to choose from. It is important that all of them are designed for living in the winter season.

Top 5 all-season glamping sites  Russia from Khabarovsk to Sochi

The list of all-season glampings is getting longer every season. Steady demand for luxury trips is driving supply growth. In addition to becoming a popular recreational activity, glamping has also become a very attractive business. And this is easily explained: there are more and more customers, and the nature of Russia is unique in every region.

And a few more tips.

Before booking, check the rules of accommodation in selected glamping site. Not everywhere will take with animals, and not all facilities have Internet access.

Ask if food is included in the price. If not, it's best to bring food with you. On the territory, as a rule, there are grocery stores, but they are not cheap, and the assortment is limited.

And, finally, do not forget your camera! After all, you have to go to the most beautiful corners of Russia.

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