V Spain organized a camp for war-affected children from Ukraine

The Gen.Camp in Spain will provide psychological rehabilitation for Ukrainian children who have witnessed the war, murders or lost loved ones. September 23, 2022 0 2 min

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How to get to the camp

Gen.Camp is a recreational and educational camp for the psychological rehabilitation of children who arrived from the hot spots of Ukraine. Only children from such regions can take part in the camp.

In the camp, specialists help children cope with trauma after the war and restore the joy of childhood. The camp is located in the picturesque east of Spain. Doctors from Ukraine and Israel work with children.

“These children witnessed murders, lost both or one of their parents, survived the horrors of the occupation, survived under rocket attacks and need urgent psychological help”, the public organization notes.

Rehabilitation lasts 30 days. During this period, children undergo:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • art therapy;
  • animal therapy (therapy with animals);
  • therapy with the Tomartis apparatus according to individual programs.

Children will be able to undergo psychological rehabilitation both in groups and individually. It all depends on the individual needs of the child.

In addition, each child has a separate specialist who creates his psychological profile and pedagogical rehabilitation program.

To receive assistance, you must fill out a questionnaire on the Gen.Ukrainian website and pass an audio or video interview with the project curators to clarify the details.

According to zakordon.24tv.ua.

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