Real rate: how much you can actually buy currency in banks of Russian cities

Mosbirzhe, rubl moved to strengthen against the dollar and the euro. The dollar fell to 60.55 rubles, and the euro – to 61.67 rubles. But toto drink these currencies at bank tellers by the values ​​of the Central Bank will not work. Analyzed the data of the largest financial portal for currency exchange rates in different cities of Russia.


The current week started well enough for the Russian ruble. The Russian currency, after updating the lows from July 7, moved to strengthening against the dollar and the euro, which are the most interesting currencies, including traveling Russians. The dollar exchange rate fell to 60.55 rubles, and the euro – to 61.67 rubles


In banking applications, exchange rates are as close as possible to the values ​​of the Central Bank. The exchange rate of the dollar is always more profitable than the bank one. At the time of this writing (Monday, 18:20 August 1), in the application of Tinkoff Bank at the exchange rate it was possible to buy one dollar for 60.43 rubles, and withdraw at an ATM from a foreign currency account in this bank at the rate of 64, 5 p. for one dollar. But this is not the easiest way. After buying currency from a broker, the funds received must be transferred to a foreign currency bank account.

Recall that on August 1, the Central Bank extended the restrictions on the withdrawal and purchase of cash foreign currency, which were in effect until September 9, for another 6 months – until March 9 2023. The cash withdrawal limit remains the same – the amount should not exceed $10,000. But you can withdraw in foreign currency only the money that was received on the account or deposit before March 9, 2022.

That is, if you buy currency on the stock exchange, then you will need, if the above restrictions are relevant, to transfer it to a bank account in another country.

In general, the option of buying currency through brokerage companies is labor-intensive and meaningless for many , especially when it comes to buying small amounts of currency for holidays in another country.

In this case, it is easier to buy currency at the bank's cash desk. But do not count on the fact that the rate will be close to the values ​​of the Central Bank. We monitored the website of the largest financial portal and found out the cost of buying currency in different cities of Russia. The subscribers of the ATOR telegram channel under the corresponding post also gave the landmarks.


Banks of Moscow August 1, on average kept the cash dollar selling rate at 68 rubles. and the euro is 70 rubles.

As of August 1, we managed to find the lowest rate in the Moscow branch of Solid Bank JSC. There you could buy a dollar for 66.70 rubles. However, attempts to get through to this bank and find out if there are dollars and euros available from the ATOR correspondent were unsuccessful. But I managed to get through to J&T Bank. There, dollars were sold on August 1 at the rate of 67.30 rubles. There were a couple of thousand dollars in the bank at the time of the call from the ATOR correspondent. Euros were also offered at this bank at a good exchange rate – 68.80 rubles.

In Moscow regionthe exchange rate is higher. As subscribers of the ATOR telegram channel report, the most profitable rate is 70 rubles. for one dollar and 71 rubles. for one euro.

In the regions, courses vary: from 65 rubles. up to 75 rubles per dollar. And from 69 p. up to 78 rubles for one euro.

According to the data of the financial portal, in Irkutskon August 1, you could buy a dollar for 65.9 rubles, while the euro has the most favorable exchange rate – 68 rubles. However, as our subscriber reports under the corresponding post in the ATOR telegram channel, the dollar exchange rate was at the level of 75 rubles, but many banks simply did not have cash.

Readers of the ATOR telegram channel from cities Tolyattand. They say that the most favorable exchange rate for the dollar on August 1 was announced at the level of 66.4 rubles. But there were no dollars in the banks that indicated this rate. And where they were, the course was at around 70 rubles. for one dollar.

Messages about favorable exchange rates for buying foreign currency came from a subscriber of our channel from Pyatigorsk. There, on August 1, it was possible to buy dollars at the rate of 66 rubles. And in Petersburg – for 66.5 rubles. per dollar.

Banks of Yekaterinburgexchange currency at the rate of 68.5 rubles. This is one of the most profitable rates, the dollar is sold at this rate at UBRIR bank.

The best rate in Yekaterinburg on August 1 was 65.9 rubles. for one dollar and 68 rubles. for one euro. Currency at this rate offered to purchase the Bank “Freedom Finance”. We didn't get through to them either, so we won't claim that there was foreign currency in this bank.

Let's move on to Krasnoyarsk. On August 1, local banks valued one dollar at 67.3 rubles; there were offers for 74.4 rubles. And the euro, as the subscriber of our telegram channel reports, could be bought for 78 rubles. Such, evsma unfavorable, the euro exchange rate was in Sberbank.

Residents of Samara and Kazan on August 1 could buy dollars for 65.9 rubles. (the average rate for banks is 70 rubles) and for 66 rubles. respectively. Euro is more expensive – 68 rubles. in Samara and 69 p. in Kazan.

Total, if we take the average values ​​for August 1, we get the following picture: a cash dollar could be bought for 68 rubles, and a euro for 70 rubles. However, banks offering currencies at such good rates often simply did not have it – that is, these rates are completely “virtual”. In reality, the dollar was bought on average for 70 rubles, and the euro for 71.5 rubles. That is, approximately 16-17% higher than the rate of the Central Bank.

If we talk about the internal exchange rate of tour operators, then it differs from company to company. Note that for many tour operators it is close to the Central Bank rate, for others it is close to the rate of commercial banks.

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