Top-5 places for recreation in Russia on the shore of the reservoir

If you look at the location of our places on the map of Russia, you can pay attention to that they fall into two categories. The former are located far from the city, while the latter are literally an hour's drive from home and work.

It is clear that someone wants a real untouched wilderness, and some simply cannot afford to drop everything and go on a full-fledged vacation, while losing a whole day on the road. But both of them want real comfort: with hot water, a fireplace, delicious food and other attributes of relaxation in a hotel. That is why, in fact, they choose glampings – glamorous campings – one of the new formats of recreation that combines comfortable accommodation with all amenities with living in nature.

About the best glampings The rivers are told by specialists from the manufacturer of geodome structures Fullerdome.

Sikhote-Alin Glamping

Top- 5 places for recreation in Russia on the banks of the reservoir

Stylish and cozy eco-park in Primorye on the banks of the mountain river Anyui. Domed houses are designed for three, inside all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay and panoramic windows overlooking the river. The active program offers guests river rafting with a guided tour.

The main feature of this glamping is its design. The installation technology of geodome houses allows them to withstand significant wind loads and temperature changes. In such houses it will be warm and dry in any season, at any time of the year.

Reserved places

Top 5 places to stay in Russia on the shore of a reservoir

This glamping is also located on the banks of the Anyui River. All season optionwith a large selection of leisure activities for outdoor enthusiasts. In summer – river rafting and fishing. In winter – skates and snowmobiles. Far Eastern nature and unique cuisine is a very fresh idea for lovers of new experiences. Dome structures with panoramic views of the unique natural beauty create an atmosphere of complete unity with nature.

And by the river

Top- 5 places for recreation in Russia on the banks of the reservoir

An interesting glamping park in Moscow region on the banks of the Sherstnya River. In the A-frame park there are houses and safari tents. Wireless Internet is available throughout the territory, which is certainly important for those who work remotely and want to change the situation without leaving far from Moscow. The rate includes the rental of SUP boards, kayaks, boats and bicycles. pets are allowed on site. Inside each house there is a fireplace, a projector, a full kitchen and a stylish hammock. There is a heated font on the terrace.


Top 5 places for recreation in Russia on the shore of the reservoir

Another geodome hotel on our top list. Glamping is located on the banks of the Suyda River in the Gatchinsky district of the Leningrad region. Around reserved forests, silence and clean air. Glamping positions itself as a 5-star hotel in the forest. The design of the houses is unique, most of the interior decor elements are made to order. The hotel has a full kitchen with a chef, and meals are prepared from farm products. Each house has its own bathroom with all bath amenities. In addition, guests can visit the sauna-steam room overlooking the pond and the bath tub on the terrace.

Woody Village Riverside

Top 5 places for recreation in Russia on the shore of the reservoir

This glamping is located not far from Tver< /strong>on the banks of the Sestra River. A unique secluded corner with picturesque sunsets. Guests are accommodated in A-frames and there is a restaurant on site. For lovers of relaxation, the company has a public space with a fireplace, board games and everything you need to watch movies. Sauna lovers will appreciate the steam room with panoramic windows, a tub of hot water and a view of the sunset over the river.

Of course, any search engine for the query “glamping” will return a thousand more options. Be careful when choosing a place to stay, as in the wake of the growing popularity of glamping, many disposable “fakes” have appeared. The difference can be felt immediately upon arrival. First of all, it is the quality of construction and the absence of any climatic equipment. The structures themselves are more like birdhouses or just a frame with a bedspread. Don't be lazy and read the reviews before making your choice. Glamping is an expensive vacation with high quality service and comfort. Don't overpay for beautiful photos!

Top 5 places for recreation in Russia on the shore of the reservoir

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