Turkey confidently leads the ranking of the best destinations for families with children. There are many reasons for this. Among the most significant — beautiful beaches, the magnificent Mediterranean Sea, a visa-free regime and comfortable hotels with the all-inclusive system. 

Let's go with us.

Category of a hotel complex

The cost of living for children each hotel is calculated individually. The conditions for placing a child in a room, the children's menu in the restaurant, the number of pools, and the distance from the sea vary. The number of stars at the hotel — an important criterion in pricing, which in importance often outweighs even promotional discounts. So, a room in a premium complex 5 ★ on a last minute package may still cost more than a room in a budget hotel  “quartet” at full price.

How do I pay for a ticket to Turkey for a child?


Child's age

Parents who are interested in how a trip to Turkey is paid for a child will be pleased with the discounts on accommodation offered by hotels for young guests. The amount of the discount depends on the age of the child: a tour for a child 2-3 years old usually costs less than a tour for a teenager 13-14 years old. 

A number of hotels offer free check-in to a room with parents for babies under the age of one year without providing a separate bed . The allowable age in such cases is strictly limited up to the month of birth.

How do I pay for a trip to Turkey for a child?


Promotions of hoteliers

Wishing to attract tourists, Turkish hotels from time to time hold promotions, within which they offer free holidays for children. The upper limit of the age of small tourists can be different — up to 7, 10 or 14 years old.

It is better to start tracking such offers a few months before the trip. Parents with many children should take into account that no more than two children can stay in the hotel for free under the promotion.

How do I pay for a ticket to Turkey for a child?


Flight, transfer and insurance

Free hotel accommodation for a child does not automatically mean a free trip. How to calculate the cost of a ticket for a child to Turkey?  Remember that the package tour includes not only the price for staying in a room. The price includes a round-trip charter flight, an insurance policy, and a transfer. The procedure for paying for tourist services is established by tour operators. Therefore, you need to separately specify how much insurance and a ticket for a child on an airplane cost.

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