Albania — paradise, located in Europe in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. It captivates with idyllic landscapes, quiet resorts and interesting culture. Would you like to spend your vacation on the beach, take a walk in the mountains and admire the unique historical sights? Welcome to the Albanian Balkans!

When deciding which city in Albania to choose for recreation, it is easy to get confused. The shores of the country are washed by two seas at once: in the north-west — Adriatic, in the southwest — Ionic. Therefore, travelers who are going to relax on the Albanian Riviera have to make a choice not only between resorts, but also between the seas.

To make your decision easier, we recommend that you pay attention to our list of the best vacation spots in Albania. 
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Albania: which city to choose for vacation



The unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera and the main city in the south of the country. If you are looking for which resort to relax in Albania to combine a beach holiday with visiting clubs and restaurants, Saranda is perfect. 

The city is rich in cultural and historical sights. The Monastery of the Forty Saints, built on a hill in the 15th century, is worth a visit for its magnificent panoramic view of the city. The fortress-castle of Lekoursi, whose walls remember the times of Suleiman the Magnificent, looks fabulously beautiful at sunset. This is a great place for a romantic dinner.

Inquisitive travelers will be interested in a trip to the Blue Eye Spring. — underground spring in the national park. The water in a small lake on the surface strikes with a variety of shades: from deep blue in the center to soft azure at the edges.

Albania: which city to choose for vacation

 < h2>Himara

A small town on the coast of the Ionian Sea, built during the Byzantine Empire. Known for stunningly beautiful beaches such as Livadhi and Spile. Himara — the best city to stay in Albania for those who are looking for peace and tranquility.


Impressive mountain scenery — the main tourist magnet of a beautiful village in the north of Albania. The fabulous beauty of nature here is simply breathtaking! This is the right place for those who love outdoor activities — trekking, horse riding. 

Albania: which city to choose for vacation



< p>The southernmost resort is called the “Ionic pearl”. Tourists are primarily attracted by the crystal clear ultramarine sea and beautiful beaches. Along the coast there are many quiet bays with small pebble beaches and gentle entry into the water. Therefore, families with children, when deciding which resort is better for relaxing in Albania, often opt for Ksamil. 

Directly opposite the city are the Tetra Islands. It is not difficult to swim to them: on your own or on a catamaran. The main historical attraction of the resort — archaeological park Butrint with an ancient amphitheater and many viewing platforms.


A well-known resort on the Adriatic Sea, not far from the capital Tirana. Within the city there is a huge beach that stretches along the entire city embankment. History lovers will appreciate Durres with interesting monuments: the ruins of an ancient amphitheater and an old Venetian tower built in the 1500s on the geographical border between the Ottoman Empire and Christian Europe.

From Durres it is convenient to go to Tirana to visit museums in the once secret bunkers and take the Dajti Ekspres cable car to the top of Mount Daiti.

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