Ukraine canceled transferring money to foreign cards

Since October 5, the National Bank of Ukraine has introduced a ban on P2P transfers from hryvnia cards of Ukrainian banks to cards of foreign financial institutions. This was reported by the press service of the NBU. 06 October 2022 0 2 min

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In April 2022, the NBU allowed such transfers. After it, the Ukrainians were able to financially help their relatives abroad. Now the National Bank believes that the role of such support for citizens abroad is decreasing. The risks of using it to bypass restrictions on buying currency are increasing.

“Considering this, such a measure will help protect Ukraine's international reserves, which are important, in particular, for the smooth operation of the economy and for defense procurement”, the NBU said.

Citizens of Ukraine will be able to transfer funds abroad to pay for: education – to the accounts of educational institutions, treatment, transportation of patients with expenses associated with death, alimony.

In addition, Ukrainians will be able to transfer funds between hryvnia payment cards of Ukrainian banks, regardless of the country of the client's actual residence.

We also retained permission for P2P transfers from currency cards of Ukrainian banks to bank cards within a monthly limit of UAH 100,000 (equivalent).

Other options for transferring money from Ukraine abroad

You can transfer money from Ukraine abroad using Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, PrivatMoney, IntelExpress and others. Companies have offices in many countries where transfers can be received in cash.

The sender needs to select the country of transfer, currency and amount. Then fill in the fields with data about the transfer, select a card and make the transfer itself.

The recipient needs to enter the control number of the transfer, the amount and select the currency for the transfer, then select the card to which you want to receive the transfer.

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