Croatia — state on the Adriatic coast. The length of its coastline is more than 1700 km. Choosing which city in Croatia is better to go on vacation is not easy even for seasoned travelers. The country is extremely rich in picturesque locations and is proud of its distinctive culture. No wonder about 14 million tourists choose Croatia as a vacation destination every year. Coming here, you can discover interesting places again and again.

Thinking about which city is better to relax in Croatia? Read the review of the travel experts of the “Come with us” company.


One of the most visited and loved by tourists places in the country is located in Dalmatia. It is not for nothing that the resort city is called the pearl of the Adriatic coast. The clear sea and beautiful natural landscapes of Dubrovnik do not need photo filters.

Amazing Croatia: which city to choose for vacation?


The best time to visit the seaside region — from May to October. The air temperature ranges from +21 to +29 °C, which is perfect for relaxing on the beach during the day and for a pleasant meal in the fresh air in the evening. has become one of the most famous landmarks in the world. The old town, which is surrounded by famous walls, is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 


Even Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century. BC. chose Split as an ideal place to build a palace. Modern tourists, deciding which city of Croatia to choose for recreation, like a Roman ruler, make a choice in favor of Split.

White-stone walls and cobbled streets dotted with cafes, shops, bars and restaurants create a colorful and relaxed atmosphere. The palace complex of the Roman era — the central attraction of the resort. The main city beach Bacvice is located near the palace, a little further south — pebble beach Trstenik, surrounded by a large bay.


The capital and largest city of the country impresses with its sophisticated architecture and developed “coffee culture”. You can drink a cup of aromatic drink in one of 4500 local coffee shops and outdoor terraces. 

Zagreb comes to mind one of the first when answering the question in which cities tourists with children relax in Croatia. Developed infrastructure and an abundance of entertainment make Zagreb a great place for a family vacation. By the number of museums, the city ranks 7th among European cities. Interesting expositions are located in the Museum of Illusions, the Ethnographic Museum and the unique Museum of Broken Relationships.

Amazing Croatia: which city to choose for vacation?


The splendor of Empire style houses and lush parks will not leave anyone indifferent. From the observation deck near the tower Lotrshchak offers a panorama of the city. A majestic cathedral with two 105-meter towers makes a strong impression.


The idyllic town captivates travelers with its beautiful coast lined with pine forests. The old part in the shape of a drop is surrounded on three sides by the azure waters of the Adriatic. Gourmets will be delighted with local seafood to the accompaniment of malvasia, revealing the aromas of spring flowers and peach. 


Answer in which city there is a sea in Croatia without mentioning Poreč , is simply impossible. The beautiful resort is located on the Istrian peninsula. From world-class beaches to wine tasting to thrilling water sports, there is much to offer to travelers of all ages.

Amazing Croatia: which city to choose for vacation?


Walking through the old town will allow everyone to find something for themselves. Fans of antiquity will be interested in the Euphrasian Basilica and the Tsukatto Palace. Charming cafes and cozy family restaurants will be a godsend for couples who want to fill their vacation with romantic moments.

Both big and small tourists should include a visit to Aquacolors — the largest water park in southeastern Europe, located a few kilometers from Poreč.

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