How to buy discount travel card in Germany: step-by-step instructions

Ukrainians in Germany who receive assistance from Jobcenter or Sozialamt can purchase a travel card at a reduced rate. Such a ticket is social and is valid in many federal states. October 05, 2022 0 2 min

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How to buy a travel card?

1. Contact Jobcenter or Sozialamt. To do this, prepare your passport and personal number. You will be issued a document confirming the right to purchase a social ticket. In some localities, you should contact the Landratsamt instead of the indicated offices.

2. Find a transport ticket vending machine. You need to buy a Sozialticket, which is a social ticket.

3. In addition to vending machines, you can purchase a travel card at the railway service center. You will have to show a report on the accrual of financial assistance at the employment center.

You can buy such a pass for a week or a month, and also choose the territory of its validity – for trips only within your city or including neighboring settlements. The cost of a reduced ticket for Ukrainian refugees in Berlin with a Berliner Pass is 28.50 euros.

Pass for students

Concessionary travel for schoolchildren in Germany depends on local regulations. For example, a student may receive a financial refund for purchasing a travel pass from Jobcenter.

Deutsche Bahn, the German railway, provides special children's passes. If the school where the child is studying is 2-3 km from home, the student can receive a Schulcard – a special ticket with a photo of the child and a special stamp.

Ways to save money on travel in Germany

A good option is to purchase a monthly pass. Such a ticket is valid for any transport within the selected zone. It can be bought at DB ticket sales centers or on the Deutsche Bahn website. The ticket price depends on several factors:

1. City.

2. The number of tariff zones crossing the route.

3. Validity of trips (with or without peak hour restrictions).

4. Number of modes of transport.

5. Validity.

Retirees, schoolchildren and students can enjoy special offers and save on travel. Schüler-Fahrkarte, Fahrkarte für Studierenden, Senioren-Karte travel cards will help you do this.

There is also a weekend group ticket. Up to 5 people can use transport throughout the country an unlimited number of times. The price is from €14 per passenger. The group can include up to three children aged 6-15 who can travel for free.

To find a good deal in your city, type “nahverkehr + city name” into the search engine.

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