Which tea is better to drink on the plane: black or green, with or without sugar?

Doctors around the world have long figured out how the body feels during a flight. Here are just the most common symptoms:

– blood pressure rises;

– vessels, on the contrary, narrow;

– the body is rapidly losing fluid;

< p>– head spinning;

– arms and legs swell

On the one hand, in flight, preference should be given to greentea, because, on the one hand, it reduces the tone of blood vessels, and with it blood pressure. Due to its diuretic properties, “green” also relieves swelling. It's a good thing, but get up every 15 minutes from your chair and queue for the toilet? But the body is already dehydrated without it. Again, doctors say that during the average duration of a flight, a person loses up to one and a half liters of water. Why make things worse? Another con: green tea causes dry mouth. And in fact, it invigorates, and how! And contrary to popular belief, after a couple of cups of sleep there will be no sleep in either eye.

Which tea is better to drink on the plane: black or green, with or without sugar?

Let's move on to black. It, of course, also contains caffeine, and even in larger quantities than the green counterpart. Each cup of fresh black tea contains 14 to 70 mg of caffeine, while 1 cup of green tea contains 24 to 45 mg. Interestingly, the higher the tea leaf grew on the branch, the more caffeine it contained.

Only here the effect of black tea is softer, but longer. Vitamins P, PP and B do not allow vascular tone to decrease, and the pressure remains unchanged. At the same time, black tea has a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It even defeats some infections. So advice: if you ate something suspicious in flight and felt unwell, urgently “take” black tea. It will reduce the risk of poisoning and alleviate the general condition. -ili-zeljonyj-s-saharom-ili-bez-9f4278d.jpg” alt=”Which tea is better to drink on the plane: black or green, with or without sugar?” />

So, to recap:

If you have high blood pressure and, from experience, on board you often get worse, drink green tea. And ask for a seat closer to the Lavatory room so you don't have to run up and down the aisle. Well, if everything is in order with the pressure, or it is initially low, order a better glass of black. So your cells will retain more precious fluid.

PS. And we'll talk about the benefits and harms of sugar next time.

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