Financial assistance to Ukrainian refugees: Georgia

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the charitable organization ASB-SSK-UniteTogether have launched a new financial support program for Ukrainian refugees UKR CASH TRANSFER in Georgia. It started on September 10, 2022 and is designed for those Ukrainians who live in Georgia and are among the most needy. October 08, 2022 0 2 min

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Who can get help?

The amount of funds is limited – the UKR CASH TRANSFER program was created by non-state funds. Plans to help financially 2400 Ukrainians. To help first of all families who really need help, there are a number of conditions.

Each family member can receive payments if:

  • a person with disabilities or seriously ill;
  • a person over 60;
  • < li>your family has three or more children;

  • single-parent families with no stable income.

How to apply?

To get help, you need to fill out a form. Now the verification of the data of citizens of Ukraine, who submitted applications back in September, is underway. It will be possible to register using the questionnaire again from October 16, 2022. The application is filled by one family member and registers all other relatives who are in Georgia and apply for assistance.

After filling out the questionnaire, a UniteTogether representative will contact you to verify the data through a personal meeting of a Ukrainian with the Program curator.

Applications completed in October will be reviewed in November. The collection of questionnaires will be open throughout the Program. This takes place in the form of an interview at the office of the organization. Or the coordinator can visit you at the place where you temporarily live. Checks can last 2 weeks, after which personal data will be transferred to receive payments.

Amount of payments

Only Ukrainians who will live in Georgia from October 2022 to March 2023 will be able to receive financial assistance from the program. To receive payments, you need to go through physical verification every month.

The UKR CASH TRANSFER program includes 6 payments of 235 GEL (86 EUR) for each family member. Payments will take place from October to March. Ukrainian refugees will receive a double payment in October, and the last one in February.

You can learn more about the program in social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.

It was also announced earlier that Ukrainian refugees in Georgia will receive financial assistance in the amount of 300 GEL per family.

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