Price increased and became one of the best: tourists in Thailand are waiting for changes 

Let's talk about beauty. Everyone who has ever been to Thailand will agree: the kingdom deserves the main prize for its ability to skillfully win tourist hearts. Thailand uses a disarming technique for this – its beauty. Natural, urban, human.

Despite the fact that the perfection of the tourist image of Thailand is already an axiom, year after year the kingdom successfully proves this to the whole world.

According to the latest version of the Conde Nast rating , Thailand was voted the third best travel destination by the magazine's readers, behind Portugal and Japan.

Bangkok was ranked the fourth best tourist city in the world.

Samui, Phuket and Phi Phi got three lines in the top ten best islands of Asia at once.


Less inspiring news: Phi Phi, like other national parks in Thailand, now has to pay more. The increase is not critical, but still.

According to the order of the Department of National Parks of Thailand (DNP), for a visit to Phi Phi Islands National Park, including Phi Phi and Ko Mai Pai, you now need to pay 400 baht (663 rubles) and 200 baht (331 rubles), respectively.

Entry to the protected areas near the islands of Samet and Ang Thong in the Gulf of Thailand now costs 300 baht (fare for an adult) and 150 baht for a child.

The price tag has also increased for visiting one of the three The country's largest parks are Khao Yai National Park, most of which is located in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. A visit there now costs 400 baht for an adult and 200 baht for a child.

Khao Yai National Park is the first national park in Thailand. It was created on September 18, 1962. And in 2005 it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park is located just 120 km from Bangkok and can be a great addition to a beach holiday in Pattaya.

Khao Yai is another, unknown side of Thailand. The correspondent of ATOR Vestnik was lucky enough to visit there and see with his own eyes such beauty that is difficult to describe. You can plunge into the world of the amazing here.

The new rates are also waiting for tourists in the park areas around Koh Lanta, including Koh Rok, Koh Ngai and Koh Ha. The price increase also applies to Hin Daeng and Hin Mueang dive sites. A ticket for an adult now costs 400 baht, for a child – 200 baht.

The Similans and the Surin archipelago have also risen in price. Now the entry fee here is 500 baht for an adult and 250 baht for a child.

An entrance ticket to another amazing national park – Khao Sok, located 120 km from Phuket, costs 300 baht. But when you arrive there, you understand: getting to know him is priceless.


Speaking of the change in prices for holidays in Thailand, it is worth mentioning the tourist tax, the issue of introducing which discussed not the first year. At the moment, it is known that it will still be introduced from the beginning of 2023. But there are no official documents on this yet.

In any case, even if this passes, it will not hit the tourist's budget. The planned amount of tax is 300 baht (500 rubles). It is unlikely that this will force someone to change their plans for a vacation in Thailand, which costs more than 150 thousand rubles.

Recall that in Thailand, baht, if desired, can be bought for rubles. There is no news yet regarding the introduction of Mir cards. Active work in this area continues.

For direct flights, too, nothing has changed so far: from October 30, Aeroflot will operate two flights a day from Moscow to Phuket and one flight a day on the Moscow-Bangkok route. And S7 will connect Bangkok and Irkutsk with direct flights from November 2.

Alexandra Polyanskaya

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