How to find an apartment in Paris for long-term rent: useful tips

Paris is one of the cities in which the demand for rental housing is many times greater than the supply. Therefore, the process of finding your future home requires a lot of effort, nerves, time and luck. October 05, 2022 0 3 min

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French law protects tenants from eviction (for example, a landlord does not have the right to independently evict tenants without a court decision, even in case of non-payment, and during the cold season from November 1 to March 30, there is a moratorium on eviction even if there is a court decision), so landlords are very carefully check the dossiers of future tenants and choose the most solvent ones in order to protect themselves during the rental period of possible non-payments.

Dossier preparation

Most landlords and agencies require you to describe your situation in detail and provide a dossier in order to invite you to view the property. Therefore, when describing your situation, it is better to focus on the strengths of your dossier (for example, that you have a permanent income that is 3 times higher than the rent, or that Visale or another organization is sufficient for this rent, or it is a French resident with the appropriate income who acts as a guarantor) .

It's better to call than to write

The next point is that if there is an option for a call for the apartment of interest, then such a communication channel for the landlord or agency is the best. In fact, when an adequately priced offer is published, a line of people who want to see the housing is built up almost within a day, and it makes no sense for the landlord/agency to go to correspondence to ask a question and wait for an answer.

Viewing the apartment can be individual and group. Viewings can be conducted by the agency, the landlord, or outgoing residents (during the last month of the lease, the landlord has the right to show the property at an agreed time with the tenant, and often the tenants themselves show the apartment).

As a rule, when viewing, a complete list of necessary documents for consideration of your dossier is provided. If you liked the accommodation and are ready to rent, sending a complete dossier does not mean a positive answer. Therefore, even if you have already found your “dream” apartment, you should not stop searching until the contract is signed.

The signing of the contract can be carried out online using a digital signature. This noticeably speeds up the process, especially if the contract must be signed by a guarantor who is not in the city at the time of your agreement.


After signing the contract, you must transfer the first rent payment, a deposit and payment for services (if any), and take out housing insurance. Before handing over the keys, an inventory description of the condition of the housing and everything in it is made. You also need to get a digital front door code (if any), change the last name on your new mailbox so that the postman can deliver your mail.

The landlord must provide the name of the previous tenant in order to complete the electricity contract. The electricity contract is also concluded online on the website of the energy company. Time of connection of housing from the moment of conclusion of the contract – 12 hours.


Part of the utility bills may be included in the rental price (this is usually the cost of public heating and hot water) – in this case, the cost of the rental itself and the amount of the reserve should be indicated in the contract to cover such utilities. At the end of the year, as a result of actual consumption, an adjustment is made – in case of overspending, an additional payment will be required, and in case of savings, a refund of overpaid funds can be made.

The process of finding an apartment in Paris is not easy, but interesting, because the old housing stock in Paris is large, and many apartments look very atmospheric. We wish you to find your comfortable accommodation on the most favorable terms!

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