SkyUp creates a new airline in the EU with its own aircraft

The Ukrainian airline SkyUp Airlines, which, due to the inability to operate flights from Ukraine, wet leases its aircraft to foreign airlines (Wizz Air, Smartwings and others), continues to work on creating its own new air carrier in the EU. The carrier will have its own air operator certificate and will not represent a SkyUp “representation”. October 12, 2022 0 1 min

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The new company will have its own air operator certificate and will not be a SkyUp “representation”. However, the country in which the new airline will be registered has not yet been named. As for the launch date, they are still unknown, but the company's CEO Dmitry Seroukhov predicts that in a few months SkyUp should reach the finish line in creating its European subsidiary.

It is planned that SkyUp will operate flights for the new tour operator Join UP! Romania. Flights will be operated to those destinations that are in demand in this country: Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal.

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We also recall that Richard Branson's British airline Virgin Atlantic has canceled the standard rules for men's and women's uniforms. The move was made to “express one's gender identity”. The changes also affected the air carrier's online booking system – now passengers can choose gender-neutral addresses.

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